Zaardvark @ Champions 30 JulyAfter the HopeFM fundraiser, Champions beckons as Zaardvark are on stage. Even though I nicked their set list when they played my birthday garden party, I’m still unsure of the titles, however all of their music is again well executed with supposedly awkward rhythms that work well, and a jazz funk vibe from Andy’s bass and Mark’s guitar and effects. He’s using a bottle neck at some points, totally unique with the way the effects processing interprets the sounds

True Swamp Neglect @ champions 30 JulyI’d totally managed to miss True Swamp Neglect when I started doing LiveWire Live five years ago – they were just about stopping gigging as I was really starting in earnest. This reunion has been brought about by those members who’ve moved abroad coming back for a couple of weeks, so tonight is a chance to hear (with only a couple of rehearsals) what were at one time the second best band in Bournemouth, as tipped by BhOne’s Tone. A huge number of fans have obviously also taken the same opportunity as Champions is packed in the band area, and all those are going absolutely nuts with applause.

Ian on Theremin: True Swamp Neglect The music is grungy in nature thanks to some good underlying continuous bass sustains. The lyrical melodies totally belie what is going on with the three guitars, which are sticking with the sustained chords for the most part. Then there are the groove moments, heavy with effects, this is definitely music with substance to be chilled to when listening. What I find interesting is that these guys get on and do the music without the theatrics and stage presence (save a shoe on the mic stand?!?) that many of todays generation of bands indulge in, and which I enjoy. Great all the same.