Tim Smart has made a surprise appearance tonight so he’s on stage when I arrive – see the youtube video of his take on I Know An Old Lady for interest. As ever one of the best entertainers around, even when says he doesn’t know beforehand what he’s going to do!

The Emerald Guard @ Cellar Bar 1 SepThe Emerald Guard are on next. Two guitars and bass, accompanying some clever key/synth work. The phrase “wall of sound” is used a lot in radio talk – these guys deliver that in droves. There are some good riffs and hooks here, almost danceable rhythms, and the lyrics are neat enough for the music style.

Mutant Vinyl do Jazz @ Cellar Bar 1 SepMutant Vinyl are playing their last gig for a while, Ed starts with a jazz sax solo (Brecker Bros – Funky Sea Funky Dew) “as he’s never had the bottle before”. Note the music stand – stand-in of Tim Smart in the photo. Despite Mutant Vinyl @ Cellar Bar 1 Sepbeing their last gig for a while, this is very cut back at the outset, just Ed with dad Jim on drums. I don’t know what it is, I’m not normally a fan of a wailing vocal, however with Mutant Vinyl it just fits and works. Pinks Dagga is on youtube.