Busy Show

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As the title suggests, a really busy time on the show tonight, through me messing up my management and booking two bands.

Stop Go Sixty on LiveWire Live on HopeFM 90.1The by now well-established Stop Go Sixty are fresh from the gig they won in a national competition to support McFly. Their sound has changed quite a bit from when I last heard them, which was a few years back courtesy of the Dorset Music Awards, definitely boy band pop/rock, yet with a sharply defined edge to what they write and deliver.

They’ve been active on email, twitter and facebook and as a result I have a record number of calls, emails and texts coming into the studio, we also take half a dozen phone calls. We talk a bit about how they started, stopped, reformed and got to where they are now, and listen to their latest recordings.

Peace Love & Gloves on LiveWire Live Peace Love and Gloves by comparison are fresh, building their reputation, and still seem very much to be working out where they’re going and what’s happening around them. That main thing being the Dorset Music Awards, they’ve just come from the Semi Final stage and have found out they’re in the final at the O2, and say they’ve never worked so hard for anything – practicing 5 days a week between the Semi Final announcement and now (and probably on to the Final).

They play a few tracks live, and we also play out from their EP. Chinners from Rock Regeneration (their biggest fan) has also joined us in the studio – I hand over most of the interviewing segment to him and revert to the role of producer; with 7 of us in the studio it gets a little hot!

Quick Update on Dorset Music Awards

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OK, so we’re halfway through the Dorset Music Awards 2011 Heats – this year I’ve been given the privilege of judging this stage of  these prestigious awards.

No spoilers here, all the acts were awesome (except the two that didn’t turn up – that is very disappointing and means they excluded two other acts who may have wanted this more than them).  I’m not going to comment at all at present – we debate the results at the end of today, and the results will be published some time later in the week by Dorset Music Awards.  Then I’ll feel able to publish my highlights.

What I am pleased to say is that I have been genuinely surprised by some performances – some acts I’ve not seen before have been amazing (how come I’ve missed them?) and others I have seen before have really pulled out all the stops to impress the judges and the audience.

We’ve already had some healthy and robust discussions as judges over what we’ve thought of some bands, so I’m half looking forward with anticipation to tonight, with another day of great music ahead of me, and half with trepidation and apprehension at the monumental task I have as one of the three judges having to decide which twenty acts of the now 38 (hoping none pull out today) we’ve seen are “better” than the other 18, and so deserve to play in front of their audiences at the public vote round.

Here’s who I saw, in order:

Sarah Griffin

Down By The Waterside


Stop Go Sixty


Sketches Of The Adverse

Powdered Cows

Saturday Sun


Lauren Bannon

Manikin Time Shark


Blackwater Caravan

Amity Rd

Cella Creeps


Big Face Reggae