Palms & Pelicans @ HopeFM 19 SeptPalms And Pelicans gave us a good talking with tonight, formerly appearing as Herbarley in 2010, now reformed with different drummer and playing some good acoustic live music, and a couple of good things on their Soundcloud. They haven’t lost any of the verve they had, if anything their attitude has matured along with their stages in life, university has helped expand their music interests even further, and there is a new style to the songs as a result.

Since Chinners from Rock Regeneration is here as regular co-presenter, there are the usual Rock Regeneration videos of Palms And Pelicans live acoustic performances of Cut The Sky, Walls and Unbelievable

Greenest Day @ on The Rocks 19 SeptThen to On The Rocks where Greenest Day are playing a deliberate Green Day covers and glam night, much to this audience’s appreciation, shouting, chanting, arm waving all being orchestrated by the band. It possibly helps with the knowledge that Greenest Day are an alter-ego of Bad Magic’s back line, who wanted to tribute Green Day and found vocalist Tom Calvert to suit. The slight let down is the wayward pitch at certain slower quieter moments, the opening for St Jimmys is a little let down, possibly due to not being able to hear the foldback. Whatever, its all mad, packed and noisily jumping thanks to Tom’s encouragement. Rock Regeneration vids: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Minority

Louise Wade @ O'Neills 19 SeptGoing home via O’Neills, where I’ve missed Snow Wolf (Jemma & Annie) among others, yet catch Louise Wade finishing off the evening. She has a clean voice with a rich resonance, and gets a decent enough sound from the Crafter guitar. She’s perfectly accompanied by a very simple tambourine thanks to King Leo. Not quite as pumped an atmosphere here, yet everyone is listening and applauding, probably all the better for that! Pleasant to hear, and definitely a crowd winner.

As ever for a Wednesday, finish off at the Open Mic in Chaplins, as this is turning into an event of decently moderate quality, and is very entertaining.