Lady Winwoods Maggot Show & O’Neills

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Lady Winwoods Maggot @ Hope FM studio 31 Oct The Lady Winwoods Maggot boys take over the banter tonight – well they need to as my head is somewhere else, and Chinners covers a lot for me. We start on about the rise of X-factor and the like, with their insights from behind the scenes as entrants to the first competition run. We move on to a lot of other subjects, prompted as a result of their latest CD, the Rise Of Karaoke Culture And The Death Of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

As sort of expected, there are a lot of off-air non-broadcast-able moments (perhaps we ought to provide an audience feature just to hear what goes on off-air), and some unexpected sharp cuts to songs or spots as some subject matter strays a bit close to the bone….

Si Genaro @ O'Neills 31 OctOn to O’Neills briefly, Si Genaro acting the compere fool and also entertaining tonight, made up as a rather sinister joker all in black and white. Playstation Hero is his last song, with lots of other bits thrown in, Monster Mash, shrieks and screams, raven calls and the like, in addition to the beat box material Si is known for.

Phil King @ O'Neills 31 OctPhil King is birthday boy tonight, dressed as a mummy he fits in well with the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie shown in the background. He’s brought a sizable crowd to party with him, who seem to like it as he starts with one of my faves of his, Life’s Rich Tapestry. Then debuting a new song, full of bass notes and trademark twiddles and chord progressions. Get Together is accompanied by a dancers floor show thanks to Amanda and Martine, I take my leave for the evening.

Maggoty Parties, Frequent Hooligans

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Lady Winwoods Maggot @ Thomas Tripp 5 OctTonight I start at Christchurch’s Soho, where friends of Ness’ are having a bit of a birthday shindig. After a few pizza slices and drinks, off home by way of the Thomas Tripp where Lady Winwoods Maggot are playing

I walk in as they’re finishing one, and stick around for Cupra Cabra, Chase The Cat and Bad Moon Rising; Ness drags me out as the strains of My Hometown are playing out. The crowd are rammed together in the not tiny pub, most jigging around and shouting along to the infectious tunes. The boys are on the radio show on 31 October.

Hooligan Choir @ Cellar Bar 5 OctOn to The Cellar Bar on this wet evening, where Hooligan Choir are finishing what has been a promising set. More good guitar riffs while bass and drums play beats and rhythms that force you to jump around to.

The Frequency @ Cellar Bar 5 OctThe Frequency are our headline band tonight in the Cellar Bar, kicking off merging Sticky Little Finger into Run With You. They don’t appear to be set back by their loss of bass player, if anything using dep Jim has given Aus, Dan and Phil a new impetus. Phil particularly is playing some tricksy yet still steady and solid beats, and on the breaks they’re all so tight, moving some awkward chord sequences all synchronised together with staccato syncopation. All great stuff, check out the review and videos over at Rock Regeneration.

Rock Regeneration Birthday Bash

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Chinners & John @ Mr Kyps Rock Regeneration Party 1 MarchRock Regeneration have been gig going for years, and blogging and reviewing them online for 12 months.  This is reflected during intervals between the four bands that are on, where the guys are not only compèring the show, but introducing themselves too, e.g here Chinners introduces John, who does much of the background work on their website.  A big thanks to the lads – they’ve got me down here to see four great bands, and all I need to do is give them this write up!  Well done for doing what you do, and Happy Birthday. My usual clash of priorities tonight, having agreed to review this gig and realising I had an earlier appointment, fortunately only down the road at the RNLI. Means I miss Peace Love and Gloves open this birthday bash, so I only get to properly see three of the four greats.

Empire Affair @ Mr Kyps Rock Regeneration PartyThere’s something to be said for taking the tempo of songs down just a little, Empire Affair seem to have done that tonight. It gives a lot more space to let the musicality shine, and allows for a lot more showboating, something these guys excel at. As Neil himself encourages us – “enjoy yourselves, as no matter what you do you won’t look as big a tit as me and what I do up here!” The band look is another set-apart from the crowd look – all in white makes a big difference to the normally black rock de rigeur dress. The set is the now standard remarkable for Empire Affair, Neil overacts splendidly, the others are cool on the guitars, drummer Darren is well spot on, a fantastically enjoyable set. Closer Take Me Down is messed about with a lot, bass riff from White Stripes Seven Nation Army underpins a lyric from Sweet Dreams as a sort of break beat, before crashing back into the usual good danceable stuff

The Frequency @ Mr Kyps Rock Regeneration Party 1 MarchMr Kyps is becoming almost a regular venue for The Frequency, this is their 2nd gig here in as many weeks (they supported The Who’s Simon Townshend last time). They start with a huge build of guitars and a drum crescendo before breaking into what promises to be a storming set of tunes – until Dan (guitar) has a nightmare and creates a pause for switch and retuning. As expected this doesn’t throw them, they get on with being four pretty boys kicking out good numbers and pulling the crowd along with them. I’ve not seen The Frequency live for a while (despite many invites) either full on or acoustic, they have a curious mix of heavy chords and big choruses, with gentler open spaces that works well. Aus is using the stage well, threatening a crowd invasion for some parts to create more of a stir. Dan H-S takes advantage of the large stage too – in places the bass is silent, and he steps into the dark side-stage areas to visually emphasise the musical absence, a good touch.

Lady Winwoods Maggot @ Mr Kyps Rock Regeneration Party 1 March We have a great close to the night with Lady Winwoods Maggot, who pull no punches as ever with the Americana Death Western as they now dub themselves. The music is some of the best around, still, and the whole show is just fantastic, even cut down to an hour as it is, and without their lighting rig. On stage banter intersperses the numbers, some modern classics like Chase The Cat and Chupra Cabra, mixed with some of their more recent greats like some from the Buffalohead album including the title track, Billy Tango and O’Keefes Slide. I’m enjoying myself so much I don’t write many more notes here and now, it’s really good music, played really well, on a really good stage. Really good fun!

LWM Indulgence

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LWM promo posterLady Winwoods Maggot tonight are at Sound Circus, for what has been promised to be a mixture of old and new alike, and I’ve decided to forgo my usual running around to enjoy an indulgent evening of LWM as promised to myself at the start of the year.

LWM Sound Circus 1The guys are up to a five piece with the guest addition David Lambert on 2nd mandolin to Chris, vocals and announcements – the latter in the manner that only the Lambert can : “This song was supposed to be about apathy, but when they wrote it they couldn’t be bothered”. It’s really good to see him on a stage again, as bass Tony puts it, he’d “picked up a habit of bungee jumping from his loft, without attaching the bouncy bit”.

The first set is all from Bowling Over The Bovine, their 2001 album: Chupra Cabra being a particular favourite of mine, and the rest of the gig crowd as well, judging by the shouts and holllers throughout and at the end. Fallen Angels is also present, the track that saw them through to the judges round in the very first (2004) X factor, unfortunately that was it for them 😦

LWM Sound Circus 2Doing a whole album (since I don’t have Bowling Over The Bovine in my collection) means not all the tracks are familiar to me, since they’re not gigged much and not readily available everywhere. That doesn’t detract from the quality, every single one is well polished and rehearsed , with the suitable maggoty nuttiness thrown in. For example, Moose goes down an absolute storm, and its fun listening to this one live again.

They promise that for the last track this is a special one off performance, unlikely to ever be repeated, of Get Off the Gas Stove Granny You’re Too Old To Ride The Range

After the short break we’re back into the very latest album, Buffalohead. I’ve just reviewed this for Listed magazine (and got a chance to share this news with manager/promoter/lighting tech/general dogsbody Cassie), suffice to say the live set is all the album delivers, juiced to the nines; there’s something awesome about a thumping system and a moshing crowd that you don’t get from a private listen on a stereo.

LWM Sound Circus 3As expected by the new nature of the album, the live set isn’t much removed, just more furiously energised, with added anecdotes and banter. O Keefes Slide and Billy Tango are suitably usual LWM, with Pictures Of You and Is That It adding a smoother element between them. Having said that Kev’s drums in the end break of Billy Tango are something else

Astonishingly, they are being asked finish by 11, so the last few songs are skipped – I would have loved to see how they might have managed the Kazoo Overture live 😉

Title track Buffalohead is hard solid rock, if it can be called that when the lead guitar is a banjo! The shortened set means my current favourite Crystalline is dropped, as is Overjoyed, the last one on the set list (as the last “proper serious” song on the album)

LWM Crowd Sound CircusThey finish instead with a cover of Crazy Horses, maddening up the Sound Circus to the tremendous encore of I Fought The Law (And The Law Won) – which are obviously a couple of lead Mark’s favourites.  All in all, despite the abysmally cut short set, a pleasurable experience to hear an evening of Lady Winwoods Maggot.

Lady Winwoods Maggot at the Winchester


Yet again I miss the opening act, Quinns Quinney, yet they’ve clearly gone down well with the middle act of the evening, Katy Boyd and Benny Wain. Katy & Benny mention they are at Bournemouth Folk Club next month, and announced they’d like Quinns Quinney to join them on stage as the support act. Wait to see if that happens…

Katy and Benny play a mixture of country and bluegrass on their acoustic guitar and fiddle (with stomp box), mixing it up trying to create a frenzy. This is laudable; their acoustic nature fails to penetrate the lively and noisy crowd, despite Connie pumping up the volume levels on the sound system. Good enjoyable stuff all the same. Their folk club date (at Centre Stage) is Thursday 17 February (also at Chaplins Sunday 28 Feb and Wimborne in June).

The final act of the night are Lady Winwoods Maggot; they were on LiveWire Live last week as part of Connie’s promotion for tonight. Disclaimer needed here – I am a solid Maggot Fan (even though I rarely get to see them play), of both the old folksy stuff and the newer punkier element.

As ever they go all out. These guys don’t know how to put on a lacklustre performance, even when starting off to a reduced crowd, or even a crowd that are looking perhaps for more of a folksy sound (having had Quinns and Katy & Benny doing their bluegrass thing)

The band have been delayed as the last act on (graveyard rather than headline) and some of the crowd have already departed. Despite this, the songs are hard, the music harder, the couple of covers thrown in suitably “Maggottised”, and they get a usual entourage of dancers doing some “interesting” moves.

I remind myself (as I did last year every time I saw them at a Dorset Music Award gig) that I need to indulge myself in an evening of Lady Winwoods Maggot one night, instead of flitting about the Bournemouth venues as I am want.

LWM show

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Solid Air’s Conrad joins me for his monthly outing; tonight he has Lady Winwoods Maggot as his special guests.  This is a lot of fun for me, I’ve known and loved their music for a long time now.

LWM have been regular guests and their music is often played, simply because they are gigging somewhere locally nearly every weekend, even if not in Bournemouth.

Conrad has them on since they are playing for him this coming Monday, 24 January (Solid Air at the Winchester) – he always tries to fit in a guest from the next week’s sonic adventures onto the show I give him.

There are high jinks galore, both on and off mic – fortunately the robust language and subjects (as far as I can tell, anyway) is kept off-air, with manager Cassie keeping a rein on things with strong looks; her rein isn’t that tight – she glares at Mark when he lets something slip that shouldn’t have been said, leading me to quickly insert a musical interlude so she can chastise him privately.

As I said at the start – a lot of fun! (no I’m not going to disclose any juicy bits here, that’s not the nature of the blog!)  You’ll just have to come along to their solid air gig – I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

We play a few not-yet radio-played tracks from the new album Buffalohead, including an exclusive Beargrillz remix of the title track the chaps have brought in (available on soundcloud should you so wish) – Conrad is overjoyed as he likes giving the listener little behind-the-scenes insights

After the chaps leave, C0nrad and I hang out a little while longer going through a few things, before heading back to home for him and the Chaplins open mic for me.  Chris (aka Sir Lord Percy) is there hanging out, enjoying a night off from Mr Kyps (he’s the resident sound man there) – he reminds me of the Curiosity gig there on Thursday; I explain I’ve already plugged it, and played The Sabres, who are on the bill.

As for the open mic, well Si Crockett has been playing since the start. Si is playing Cheeky Monkey as a closer when I get here – it’s his first time out due to illness. Next up is Dave from The Luminaires (he also works at the bar). This is the first time I believe I’ve heard him play solo, the best way I can describe his style of playing is like listening to that opening to Pinball Wizard, the fast strummed chords and changed top notes within them – that’s the example I can find of his strumming technique. Having said that he’s keeping it fairly quiet and low key, unlike in the example I’ve chosen. 

I also have a chat with Andy Stock about a few things – he is preparing another Live at Chaplins CD, so making recordings of the acts ready for that. Andy, the kit needed is a Behringer Composer, MDX2100 used, or MDX2600 new. Huh, tech talk, I ask you. I head off after a short time in the bar, missing the later acts.