Show & Bournemouth Unplugged Heat 5

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EDNSITP HopeFMI’ve had a brilliant night in the studio with all 3 members of Radio Boscombe, swelled by their special guests tonight Elvis Did Not Star In This Production (EDNSITP). Phone interviews with Trevor Hill about the Dorset Music Awards, and a number of female fans of the band, one of which unfortunately thought she was talking to boy band Take That for some reason – nothing at all to do with the way they were introduced by compere for the show Gary, I’m sure ūüėȬ† The boys have a wide range of items on youtube, some of which were performed live on air. Another sketch they did is on the forthcoming Comic Relief CD of Monty Python Covers, And Now For Something Completely¬†Similar¬†arranged by Radio Boscombe, all proceeds from sales of which will go to Comic Relief 2011.

Dan Rumsey Bmth UnpluggedI quickly head up to my currently regular Wednesday Haunt – O’Neill’s –¬†for Bournemouth Unplugged Heat 5.¬† Dan Rumsey is first on stage. He starts with what I think is going to be a run of the mill acoustic strummed song, when he bursts into a really high chorus on Beautiful Animal. His songs feature a range of vocal dynamics, almost matched by the guitar work with builds and fades accordingly. He chooses an unusual cover, Hushabye Mountain, which shows a different style to those songs that have gone before. He has only vague variety in his choice of styles, though I am enjoying the quality of his song writing.

Logan Carter Bmth UnpluggedLogan Carter is next, and demonstrates the gentler finger picking art of guitar playing while still able to keep a rhythm going, which impresses me. When he strums it is laid back and open, the sustain under strict control. As for Dan Rumsey, Logan demonstrates he also has a high upper point to his voice. Logan shows a knack of utilising contrasts in his performance by alternating strummed and picked, low and high songs.
His cover Billy Jean is interesting, able to play the bass line with thumb and melody with fingers – hard to do, and even harder to pull off as near perfectly as Logan does.

Boyd & Wain Bmth UnpluggedBoyd & Wain burst on with a bit of a flourish, a good story then straight into a country number I couldn’t repeat here using Radio Rules. I’ve recently written about the last time I saw these guys at Solid Air, they are still good with stories & anecdotes about life as well as the songs, yet not going on enough to turn this into ….an audience with…. Having a fiddler as accomplished as Benny really aids Katie as she plays on a very bright sounding guitar. The final bluegrass take on Chuck Berry’s Maybellene goes down well with the crowd, the stomp box almost being irresistible for the majority of people around me…

Joel Gregory gets to close what has become an early finish. Joel has probably been the most recognisibly visible act promoting his presence in the competitoon on facebook. Rightly so, since 45% of the results are by public vote on the night. The first couple of songs contain clever lyrics which are a little mashed by the overblown chords. This is retarded slightly in the third song which is a quieter number overall. As ever once I write the words I need to eat them – Joel’s built to a crescendo. Wonderwall is his cover, loved by the blokes in the audience, although much cliche’d on the circuit.

As ever there are many notable musos in the audience, e.g. this time The Luminaires are here supporting bandmate Joel, while Jinder is supporting bandmate Logan.

At the end I brave a very cold evening on the bike to get home, with a stopoff at the Chaplins Open Mic.¬† Alan the Shaolin Punk is on stage for half a number as I walk in, that was it – not really enough time to build an opinion, sorry. However, I’m told he’s worth looking out for again.

Lady Winwoods Maggot at the Winchester


Yet again I miss the opening act, Quinns Quinney, yet they’ve clearly gone down well with the middle act of the evening, Katy Boyd and Benny Wain. Katy & Benny mention they are at Bournemouth Folk Club next month, and announced they’d like Quinns Quinney to join them on stage as the support act. Wait to see if that happens…

Katy and Benny play a mixture of country and bluegrass on their acoustic guitar and fiddle (with stomp box), mixing it up trying to create a frenzy. This is laudable; their acoustic nature fails to penetrate the lively and noisy crowd, despite Connie pumping up the volume levels on the sound system. Good enjoyable stuff all the same. Their folk club date (at Centre Stage) is Thursday 17 February (also at Chaplins Sunday 28 Feb and Wimborne in June).

The final act of the night are Lady Winwoods Maggot; they were on LiveWire Live¬†last week as part of Connie’s promotion for tonight. Disclaimer needed here – I am a solid Maggot Fan (even though I rarely get to see them play), of both the old folksy stuff and the newer punkier element.

As ever they go all out. These guys don’t know how to put on a lacklustre performance, even when starting off to a reduced crowd, or even a crowd that are looking perhaps for more of a folksy sound (having had Quinns and Katy & Benny doing their bluegrass thing)

The band have been delayed as the last act on (graveyard rather than headline) and some of the crowd have already departed. Despite this, the songs are hard, the music harder, the couple of covers thrown in suitably “Maggottised”, and they get a usual entourage of dancers doing some “interesting” moves.

I remind myself (as I did last year every time I saw them at a Dorset Music Award gig) that I need to indulge myself in an evening of Lady Winwoods Maggot one night, instead of flitting about the Bournemouth venues as I am want.