Gruppe! @ Rubber Soul Launch (Cellar Bar)Being a bit of a late comer to the vast majority of this music scene, I missed Solid Air’s 300 Rubber Soul gigs when they were running, before stopping five years ago. Now Thursday night has its quirky band showcase back, kicking off with Gruppe!

These three chaps are vets of the pub band scene with all their various projects over the years, including the collective of artists that floated around between about 5-15 bands at one time. With Gruppe! they’re finding an outlet that is purely fun and creative. King Razor (bass) was Solid Air Connie’s guest with me on LiveWire Live last night, and there’s little he hasn’t done within music.

What they do now is definitely quirky, chanted repetitive lyrics, heavily processed live bass effects, each song short and snappy, sharp drums to every one, and using old school cassettes to provide loops and intros to some.

Head Of A Cuban Trojan @ Rubber Soul Relaunch (Cellar Bar)Closing off tonight are Head Of A Cuban Trojan, another 3 piece this time slightly more tripped out yet still energetic. Loads of grooves and movements, more heavy processing, lot of looping from Imogen of bass and brass, while Lee throws in sweet effects on the guitar.

There are some tricked out rhythms here too. One in particular has incredibly complex timing, with all three performers doing something different. What a shame that as they reach a vocal element of this so far heavily instrumental song, the desk gives up the ghost and keels over. A quick power restart and we’re back; they have to repeat the whole instrumentally rhythmic magic again, what a shame 😉

An enjoyable evening of the more grungy end of the spectrum.