Acoustic Cellars

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We’re gathered in the Cellar Bar for tonights Sunday Acoustic session, rather than the more usual Chaplins upstairs. This means we have a fuller sound system, a little unnecessary for what is soloists on acoustic guitars. Xander Allen has been first on, with a little bit of drum, and a French rapper joining him, he tells me as I meet him after his set as I walk in.

Andy Stock @ Cellar Bar, 29 April

Its good to have a chance to hear a fuller set from my mate Andy Stock, as normally he opens the open mic with a couple of songs then moves on to allow the open mic participants their space. Tonight we also have a fuller crowd, very vocal, unusually for a Sunday, this Andy plays up to, enticing heckles and callouts as he sings about life, poor TV shows, and having the technology to communicate with the world yet being alone in a bar when on stage. Andy calls AJ up to participate on a couple of harmonica accompaniments, one being See You On Sea Road, a good singalong while some in the crowd start some jigging going on. Great laugh.

Gaz Brookfield @ Cellar Bar, 29 AprilGaz Brookfield takes to the stage after a quick turnaround, some here in the crowd already know his material enough to shout along to, as he opens with a song about life on the road, or it would be if his van was reliable enough! He’s been billed througout the evening as the amazing Gaz Brookfield, he modestly admits this makes him feel like Superman or Spiderman :). He has a recurring theme of support independent music and don’t trust the establishment, whether that be music machine companies, corporate bosses, journalists, or politicians (all tarred with the same brush). His guitar playing encompasses a clever right hand style, able to slap the bottom of the guitar, strum and also tap the front face, all in one slick stroke (that others can emulate only with the help of a loop pedal), while creating a good stomp feel to his songs. All good.

Great Music, Messy Night

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Admiral Shiny Sides @ Inferno, 28 AprilProceedings start tonight from Alex and Elliot aka Admiral Shineysides; Elliot’s home made stick bass eliciting comment and questions from spectators. Series of their usual country and soft rock covers, with Johnny Cash taking dominance, and the occasional same-veined original slipped in. Another tough gig at the Inferno, with very few of the many punters paying attention to what’s going on, instead accepting it as background.

Kimari Raven @ Inferno, 28 AprilRock Regeneration’s Chinners walks in just at the end of their set, and Kimari Raven takes the stage after what seems an inordinately long wait. Starting solo with a two week old number with a rather long title she whizzes through some of her staples. She’s admitted to nerves, and being wired on cola, yet looks totally relaxed, sitting cross legged on the stool. Shame the lack of Inferno lighting with the crapberry really can’t do justice to her cheeky grin, and the energy she’s putting in to her show. Kat joins her for Monster and stays for the remainder of the set.

Pachango @ Cellar Bar, 28 AprilSo on to the Cellar Bar, where Pachango are playing an absolutely rammed venue, upstairs on the front landing, on the stairs and down. The music is raucous, Selby’s chants and poetry in-yer-face, and the party totally ripping as a consequence. What a good laugh. Shame I decide to leave to catch the end of the Inferno, especially as I’m rear-ended on a roundabout on the way over, thanks to the incredibly messy wild wet weather and slippery roads :(.

Gaz Brookfield @ Inferno, 28 AprilAt Inferno Bristol based Gaz Brookfield has been given special billing during the week. Now, despite the small active listening audience, those here are on their feet and shouting along to the choruses he’s introduced. One man and a guitar can definitely rock a joint. Photo courtesy of Jay, a nicely merry punter on an different smartphone. Gaz sings a bit of blues, slightly country, and pop/rock. As well as singing, he’s also capable of the rap/chant lyrics style that is so in vogue at present.