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This Saturday night I have an earlier than normal start, two friends are holding a 70’s & 80’s party for their birthday. Loads of fancy dress going on – a few dodgy moustaches and clothing; loads of glam from the ladies. This means I miss seeing Cella Creeps, Peachy Jane, Beckett and Chaser at the Music Mania event in The Winchester, and instead head straight for the Cellar Bar for what I hope is going to be a fantastic end-of-night of live music.

Don’t get me wrong – parties and discos are fine, however I find what the DJ is playing a bit of an odd selection for a 70’s & 80’s night, very little Abba, bit of disco, yet lots of New Romantic rubbish that can’t really be danced to; more like standing on the spot bumping up and down. At least Ant Music and Mirror In The Bathroom get me up and dancing so I’m not a total prole.

DOMI Cellar BarFortunately my mates Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) are playing in a totally ram packed Cellar Bar. It’s amazing we can all be jammed in like sardines, but still find room to jig along to the vital beats.

Perhaps due to the small stage, we’re down to just the lads tonight – meaning lots of the brassier sounds aren’t absent, they just carry less potency than would normally be expected form a Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) gig.

Rammed Cellar BarNo one seems too bothered about this though – including the band themselves. The music is vibrant and pumping, us in the crowd are up for a great night, the guys are popping one-liner anecdotes out and taking the rip out of us – it’s a good night.

Loads of jumping up and down encouraged, the screaming along to the choruses, the “Yeahs” to Stuck in the Middle, they are all there.  Tonks is lively on the drums – apparently everything is just too fast for them, so they’re rattling through the material as if they’re at the races and need to get to the end quickly.   So they decide to take a break, then continue with more of the same nuttiness on into close to the next morning.

DOMI Cellar BarThey say they’ve run out of material for encores, and end up repeating Stuck in the Middle – myself I think this is just a cunning ploy to keep things happening; encouraging us to keep jumping and shouting along.   Irrespective the rammed crowd continues partying on; DJ Mr Lively kicks off some cool ska tracks to keep the pogo-ers going and the headbangers happy, I take my leave.

Haiti Fun Fundraiser

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Had a Family Church (FCC) prayer meeting tonight, so didn’t manage to get out to this gig as early as I might have wanted to.

I’ve missed The Extinguishers, I’m reliably informed they played a blinder of a set & made an awesome amount of noise for just 3 people. I’ve also missed much of Mischa‘s set – they’ve been set up outside to draw the crowd, on this wet and miserable evening.

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle have just started as I walk in, creating an awesome latino focussed party vibe with exotic rhythms and cool cuts. At one point percussionist James wanders off the stage porting a djembe and dances with the crowd whilst show boating – this bringing the band into the crowd keeps things aIive and moving.

Coupled with the funk vibe, clear vocal harmonies from Elena and Lucy are layered over instrumental solos, clearly going down well with the party goers.

OFS party crowd

It’s not hard to remember this is a fund raiser – halfway through the set “the man with the pirate hat” is highlighted to us – we are to pursue him to donate and purchase raffle tickets all going towards the cause.

Tonight Monkey Puzzle are playing all original material, compared with the last time I saw them in 1812. Not that I can tell – it is all danceable to, melodic hence easy on the ear, smooth and refined, yet with some nicely surprising punches keeping it active.


After a good lengthy set they hand over to the raffle and Disco’s Out (Murder’s In), who are on top form as ever waking the place up with their brassy chords and attitudal vibe.

Sensing the perhaps slightly subdued mood as the evening has progressed (being a wet night, many of the rent-a-mob crew haven’t ventured out), the band strike into some of their more sombre numbers – these rely a lot on keys which don’t appear to be working at all through the PA – much to some people’s obvious frustration…

DO(MI) super heroes?

Costume theme seems to be film heroes tonight – caped crusaders and Wayne’s World taking centre stage, while Martin looks resplendent in some military get up.

Seemingly giving up on what is clearly letting them down in the PA they just go all out at the end with Blow My Mind and Clown, before encouraging the now mandatory lunging action as they close.


More raffle draws later and Dubheart start up. What’s impressive this time is that the whole band aren’t fully set, yet they make a start anyway. Each blends in to a dub jam as they get up and running, before all are in; they call a reluctant halt and kick off into the set proper.

Even though the evening is getting on the guys are going for it, and they’ve brought their own crowd with them to boot. This is a good thing, and surely means the party will continue long after I’ve left…

Cut up Disco’s Out (Murder’s In)

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The first Friday night of the month is always a tough one; I help out at a craft evening for 4-9’s which always takes it out of me. This time, inspired by a good rugby result (I get in to see the second half of the Wales-England game). I drag myself over to Smokin Aces for what I anticipate is going to be an great party, courtesy of those fun-loving people known as Disco’s Out (Murder’s In).

Band In A Window

And I’m not wrong. Despite being crammed into the window they are doing what they do best, but this time messed up and more acoustic. Tubbs has been forced onto an electric drumkit, three are in the window with him, the brass are in the crowd.

They are running as a jukebox – pick a number between 1 & 16 and they’ll play it. The band sound awesome, the crowd are up for it, the bar is rammed and we’re all having a great time.

Band in the Crowd

I was trying to take this photo to give a further impression of the madcap antics, when Mischa piles in and starts jumping all over the place, he’s really happy to be here!

It’s odd to have the band so up and in your face , when they are still doing such a big sound as would normally be expected.  Towards the end of the night individuals in the crowd take over the mic-in-the-crowd for funny abuse and interjections, totally putting off Ed & Imogen’s brass sounds.

goes out to Martin (trombone, rapping, other assorted instruments) unable to make it to much disappointment, him most of all no doubt!

DO(MI) at DMA – One Band Two Stages

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Having hosted a full day of the most excellent music, the end of the first day of the Dorset Music Award heats is closed by last years festival winners Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) .

They’re playing over two stages, with (as DMA’s Trevor points out) two PA systems, two sets of speakers and all the foldback speakers linked together somehow
        And it is awesome.

Opener Blow My Mind has them all in full effect. Being on the different stages enthuses them to compete for the crowd (the small band are on one stage, the brass and keys etc on the other). What I find more amusing is that they can’t do the normal talking to each other, resulting in a lot of fun play between them:
Steve: “I’ll start it and you join in when you know what it is”; he even goes over there for Clown, since the start relies on brass and guitar doing big chords together

Possibly as a result of this, they think the two stage idea sucks (and say so); they are still incredibly tight despite the split difference; I think it all adds to the novelty mystique around Disco’s Out (Murder’s In). Inspired by a plea from Big Face Reggae earlier in the heats, lead Steve encourages lunging, the results are mixed, and inspires yet more competiton between the stages as the brass also want their share of lunge-ers, ably provided by Alfie (Animal Talent Show) being an obliging nutter.
Its also the first time I think a band have been asked to do an encore, and them almost collapse and their face drop – they are exhausted having been partying all day at the award heats.

Moving on to Champions Brothers Grimmer, The Hops and The Neon Tigers are billing. I miss the former; The Hops are full of energy, well dressed in suit uniform really rocking out. Its a good crowd as well, which is really good to see at Champions. Possibly all down to the hard work Tone is putting in as booking mananger, as well as promoting for bhone.

As well as energy, the Hops again have some good solid tunes – Back To The Beach again is a favourite; I have to ask myself for a London band three of which are ex-Bournemouth to be singing a rock song about beaches seems a little odd, especially when it doesn’t have anything of the “Bournmouth Sound” beach surf vibe about it.  Good all the same.

And so on to the headline for the night, The Neon Tigers. They have really upped their game since the last time I saw them perform, with a big intro on a darkened stage. When they were on LiveWire Live they made a big thing about bringing a sense of theatre back to live music, here I see this being worked out.
This time, Richard’s transition from keys to the gorgeous double necked strat is simpler than before – gone is the poncho, he stays in the dark tight fitting clothes, and even retains the hat while he rocks out.
One thing that accompanies gigs from The Neon Tigers are offerings of delicacies and sweets; tonight is no exception – Spacedust (exploding candy) this time!

OK this is new – during The Boy Needs Help intro, Richard leaves the stage while the rest of the band rock it out, drawing out and playing fugues with the riffs. When he returns its a transformation from stage cool black into illuminating red. So, The Neon Tigers the best rock band currently in Dorset? 100+ people in Champions would definitely agree tonight, find out tomorrow at the 2nd day of the Dorset music awards heats (they’re on at about 5pm Sunday)

Bhone@Champions – aka the Ed White night

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Reason for the title…? Ed features in two of the 3 bands on tonight, trumpet in Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) and bass in Dusty Cuts. NoDisco's Out Murders' In 1t content with that Dom (lead of  The Hops) mentioned him & even invited Ed up on stage (declined)!

Mischa opened before I arrived, I heard he gave his usual sterling performance – he must have enjoyed it since he was running around like the mad thing he is, saying hi to nearly everybody at the gig – definitely the friendliest muso on the local scene!

I walked in as Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) were into their set, being as energetic and madcap as ever, costumes in full effect (the photo doesn’t do justice)

Disco's Out Murder's In 2What is good is to see the guys and girls playing on a stage suitable for their act – Champions is generous to the acts that perform there – fitting as it’s on its journey to become the leading venue in Bournemouth

Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) feature an impressive line up, the three piece drum bass and guitar joined by horns normally found at the back with other acts, with Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) they are full on in your face as the major part they are. This includes alternative instruments too – melodica, glockenspiel and all of them switching to fruit shaped percussion shakers during one song. Impressive as ever always this line up leads to huge brass chords on Back To The Start

The Hops up next. Solid pumping tunes, with some in your face cutting lyrics. Apparently former Clam Olly Hopper (lead guitar) is writing a lot at the moment, and some of those songs are finding their way into the Hops set list. Good stuff – rocky, tuneful, melodic and driving along, for example I Want To Be Back On The Beach is all that Everyone Wants to Rule The World (by 80’s band Tears For Fears) should have been and wasn’t!

I’ve now lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Dusty Cuts, either as full band or that one time Ant played through the set acoustically. However this is the first time I’ve seen them perform as a three-Dusty Cuts 1piece, their DJ being off with an ear infection (get well soon LeeRoy).

Kicked off with a strong rendition of People, merged into a full on drum solo by Rio as Ant broke a string – with the aforementioned Ed picking up some bass riffs to go with the flow while guitars were changed and tuned, leading into Pass It On – Brilliant. So I’ve now seen them as solo acoustic, two piece with no lead guitar, 3 piece with no DJ, and full on band – not many I can say that about!

Another of my favourites Barefoot Soldier ensured the majoity of the now-thinned crowd kept pogo-Dusty Cuts -Rioing along to the ska/punk beats with some fun interactions going on (unfortunately not captured by the non-flash camera on my BlackBerry).

Audience request Visitors also went down a storm as the set and the gig drew to a close. Another awesome music night courtesy of bhone and Champions. Thanks.

Oxjam Bournemouth Takeover, 2010


Overall an amazing weekend, lots of bands playing lots of venues, all to raise money for Oxfam.

Friday Night, Champions

Only managed to see the last two of the four acts on the bill – Sola Infrared  and My Broken 101.  Both amazingly chilled yet big rock vibes, have provisionally booked MB101 for a show appearance.

Saturday afternoon, Sherbet Lounge & The Inferno

was limited in my options here – was at a Samaritans Purse fundraising quiz night from 7pm, so was only able to catch a few of the afternoon bands:

Sherbet lounge:

The Inferno

Saturday Evening, Winchester, 60 Million Postcards, The Inferno

After the Samaritans Purse fundraiser was compete, managed to dash to the Winchester to catch the last chord of New Volunteer, before seeing one of the Retro Bombshell burlesque troop while waiting for The New Governors.

Then to see Mutant Vinyl  in 60 Million Postcards (he’s by far the hottest property of the moment in town), before finishing the evening with Dusty Cuts in The Inferno.

Something of note – bumped into many ex-Betikans in 60MPC; things might be looking up on that horizon. Dave Purse was out telling me about this new project he’s currently got on, Zaardvark (it could almost be Jazz, he furtively whispered)

Sunday night, The Old Firestation

This was a first for me, not been here before (even though many gigs take place here, I perceive it as mainly a student venue and caters for the DJ crowd rather than live music audiences.)

However, amazingly strong line up, all ably held together by Chris Brown, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Town Crier:

No particular major reviews here, just a fantastic weekend of live music through out the town.  Big shout to Tone Foster (bhone) for pulling to gether a great team, including Chloe (The Longest Day), Geoff (DJ Mr Lively) and Rob (who I’d seen around but not had a chance to talk to before).

Thank you Bournemouth muso’s for your generosity and prowess in equal measure.

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