Catherine Burke Album Launch Party

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Catherine Burke & Band @ Catherine Burke Album Launch Party 29 JanI’m at the Bournemouth Folk Club again for this celebration party for Catherine Burke‘s album launch, and Catherine has roped in a few friends to help out with the musical entertainment. Krista Green opens with her usual mix of great acoustic songs, followed by Ant Lewis doing some Dusty Cuts and Our Blinkered Eyes material, followed by Ele O’Kerwin (billed as 13 year old brilliance, she is 13 so no photo published) performing some amazingly touching keyboard numbers.

After the customary break and raffle to keep the folk club going, the main event of Catherine Burke and her band take the stage to gig the new album. I’ve obviously heard her quite a few times live this past week as she’s plugged tonight’s gig round town. Most of the songs are with full band – string bass, banjo & fiddle, a couple of songs are just Catherine on her acoustic guitar. These latter are the soulful songs, the fuller band tunes tend to be more full on in nature; all songs are pretty much autobiographical being inspired by moments and people in her life.

As expected by the instrument choice, and for those that know Catherine’s music preferences, many of the songs have a bluegrass sound and rhythm, and she rattles the lyrics out fast and furious, yet absolutely crystal clear. There’s also a lot of banter about why the songs are written, and some comments read as innuendo by some in the audience, even innocently intended as they are…there’s plenty of on stage shenanigans too, for example one song was only heard by the band this afternoo, yet one wouldn’t know to hear it, a toggle between E and A minor, Jimmy’s Song.

Krista Green @ Catherine Burke Album Launch Party 29 JanAnt Lewis @ Catherine Burke Album Launch Party 29 Jan

Cellar Sessions

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Mischa and Merry Man Tom @ Cellar Bar 15 NovQuick post about tonight – it’s the first chance I’ve had to hear Mischa‘s material with his latest musical incarnation – a duo with acoustic bass by Tom.  As ever good tunes with an additional dimension – some are started solo then added to, others are totally remixed live as a result of the orchestration capabilities.

Ant Lewis @ Cellar Bar 15 NovWe get to the main event. Ant has offered up some new Dusty Cuts songs on his facebook notice about tonight, mixed in with his acoustic material as Our Blinkered Eyes. The lyrics are fast, the chords are faster, then he breaks into long musical spaces, throwing some guitar body percussion too.  All good and enjoyable.