Tonight is something I’ve been waiting for, for a couple of years. Big Face Reggae have finally recorded some stuff and stuck in on an album. Tonight is the launch party.

Adam Dupree @ Big Face Reggae Album Launch 3 AugSi’s asked Adam Dupree to open tonight. Adam is playing a mixture of covers and originals, some are commenting how much of a mini-me he is for Si, since he has a similar laid back manner and vocal tone, singing sweet tunes with a highish range.

Si Genaro @ Big Face Reggae Album LaunchAs an extra stand-in, Si Genaro jumps up and plays a few numbers, in his own way as only he can, with beat boxing and entertainment all thrown in. I hardly need to compere for him, he’s got it all there with the swagger and the blether ;-).

Big Face Reggae @ Album Launch 3 AugFinally the main attraction for the night reach the stage. Big Face Reggae don’t really need any introduction to the stage (nor to this blog), thanks to their more or less constant presence in the music scene.

Big Face Reggae with Selby MCBig Face Reggae - Spacehopper action Suffice to say they are playing better tonight than they even did for the live gig where the album was recorded (here’s the post for that one). Mr Professor (a spacehopper) is on stage and makes a few appearances throughout the night. Si Genaro swaps MC duties with Selby for a couple of numbers, there is skanking and lunging action from the crowd in the table-cleared dance area, and a good time is had by all.

Big Face Reggae Spacehopper Action I have to leave the party early compared with some, even though its the early hours of the following day, its going to be (and was) an all night thing. Good night, and a privilege to be asked to compere such a party atmosphere by Totally Lostit.