For The Best @InfernoYoung five piece For The Best are on as the first band of the night. Loud and lively music, the wailed female vox fits this style, though I’m not a personal fan of it. There are bits of activity from the guitars, tight enough and clearly excited about gigging here. I’ve only caught the end of their set, not a lot of stage movement for my tastes – the music is fast and frenetic, and deserves a load more throwing bodies around the stage 🙂

Abel Archer @InfernoNext up three piece Abel Archer, again a young band. I’ve found out its a pop punk night, these guys are more heavy rock than punk, with a bit of wandering around and kicking stuff about. Music is punchy, vocals drowned out by the massive guitiar and bass, drums are doing their best to compete boosting the energy and making the set quite enjoyable. They formed in Exeter, now their base, some are originally from Bournemouth

Reclaim The Skies @InfernoHeadliners tonight are Reclaim The Skies. More liveliness and energetic music. Having an animated dedicated lead singer does that for a band, while not in Empire Affair‘s league, Matthew does a more than adequate job of fronting the four music makers, and encouraging their crowd to get involved. Doing the resesrch, I’m surpised to see they’ve only been together for 6 months or so, they are as tight as the other bands that have been on tonight…

Know One @ Cellar BarBournemouth Oxjam have been holding an all dayer at Chaplins and the Cellar Bar. By the time I arrive for the music Know One are onstage downstairs. I was impressed by these guys the first time I saw them at an O’Neills gig and they don’t disappoint now – ska / reggae, with trumpet and Dean as dedicated vocalist / MC to pump things up. Loads of gyrating bodies all through the pub enjoying the sound.

Big Face Reggae @ Cellar BarClosing the day are the fantastic Big Face Reggae, this time without Si Genaro, leaving Si Crockett to do all the vocal work, which he does with gusto, encouraged and heckled by some in the crowd. To alleviate his voice, and replace some of Genaro’s pieces, Know One’s Dean is invited to the stage again a couple of times.  Loads of skanking around, jumping and all sorts, with loads of friendly faces about all enjoying themselves.  Love it.