Vida @ Walkabout Sun 30 OctI’m in Walkabout for Vida‘s performance – they’ve been offered a Sunday night slot as a result of a competition they were in at the bar. I’m surprised at the way the venue works for live bands – the stage is decorated and well lit, with the expected plenty of space for dancing. While there are maybe 30 people here, Walkabout is so large the place seems empty, which is a shame as I’d like to see bands like Vida breaking into newer venues, showing that local live music can work for a platform.

Soapbox over, this is the first time I’ve heard them non-acoustic, outside of their Smokin’ Aces residency. This means Rio (drums) can use his proper kit, and its given him a new lease of live – or he’s just missing the opportunities to flair in Big Face and Dusty. The numbers are funkier, and there’s strong disco evidence in effect too, as well as the as ever strong harmonies from the girls. Karl (guitar) and Tim (bass) seem to be enjoying the groove too, though playing to a seemingly empty house must be hard.

Some (other) punters do step forward – including a rather butch Amy Winehouse dress-alike – who Elena picks up on and engages with, before launching into the Vida version of Back To Black. That’s what I like about Vida, having plenty of stagecraft means they work with whatever they’re given, even if its lemons not plums 🙂

Sunday Sessions @ Chaplins, 30 OctOn to Chaplins for their Sunday Sessions, where Andy Stock is regaling the select few with his sung stories. As usual for me, by the time I’ve been downstairs for a drink and returned, he’s finished! Sunday Sessions @ Chaplins, 30 OctWe’re left in the uncertain hands of Lorenzo (beat pad), Andy (guitar) & Michael (Bass), more or less jamming together since they’ve not played before.  Andy is on solo again afterwards, and regales a totally incorrect song, that is actually really funny. Not to be repeated here, sorry (radio rules) 😉