Maggoty Parties, Frequent Hooligans

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Lady Winwoods Maggot @ Thomas Tripp 5 OctTonight I start at Christchurch’s Soho, where friends of Ness’ are having a bit of a birthday shindig. After a few pizza slices and drinks, off home by way of the Thomas Tripp where Lady Winwoods Maggot are playing

I walk in as they’re finishing one, and stick around for Cupra Cabra, Chase The Cat and Bad Moon Rising; Ness drags me out as the strains of My Hometown are playing out. The crowd are rammed together in the not tiny pub, most jigging around and shouting along to the infectious tunes. The boys are on the radio show on 31 October.

Hooligan Choir @ Cellar Bar 5 OctOn to The Cellar Bar on this wet evening, where Hooligan Choir are finishing what has been a promising set. More good guitar riffs while bass and drums play beats and rhythms that force you to jump around to.

The Frequency @ Cellar Bar 5 OctThe Frequency are our headline band tonight in the Cellar Bar, kicking off merging Sticky Little Finger into Run With You. They don’t appear to be set back by their loss of bass player, if anything using dep Jim has given Aus, Dan and Phil a new impetus. Phil particularly is playing some tricksy yet still steady and solid beats, and on the breaks they’re all so tight, moving some awkward chord sequences all synchronised together with staccato syncopation. All great stuff, check out the review and videos over at Rock Regeneration.

Rare Tuesday

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As my GodFirst small group meeting has been in Christchurch town centre, and it coincides with Annie Winter‘s open mic in the Thomas Tripp, I take the opportunity to drop in (Mrs H joins me). I normally never know the Tripp crowd what with having a focus on music in Bournemouth, so I’m surprised to find Graham Basic Blues Jones doing something different to his norm, perhaps as Ash (Blues Machine, Fish Out Of Water) is accompanying him.

Shaun Palmer @ Chaplins Bar, 24 AprilOn to Chaplins, again unusual as I normally don’t bother having been anywhere and everywhere on a normal Tuesday. Irrespective, I’ve missed Jemma Davies‘ set, and instead get to hear the delightful tunes that Shaun Gary Palmer produces from his guitar and voice. Mixing covers and own penned material, all the songs are fairly lively and jolly along, even if some of the lyrics don’t reflect that humour! A nice change to be out on a Tuesday.

HopeFM & Tripp In

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Snow Wolf (Jemma and Annie) are Solid Air Conrad‘s guests tonight on the show. They are a lot of fun, even though I thought I was taking a risk having them on, thanks to their sometimes crude or obscene comments on facebook or on stage. The ladies are on best behaviour, making the show a joy rather than a chore. They play 6 or so songs live, and have prepared at least that many again to include that we don’t get time for. We also receive perhaps a dozen messages, and a phone call from Gibraltar.

We feature a phone in with Neil King the man behind Fatea magazine, regarding the Fatea awards 2011, which were announced a week or so ago. We also mention the Fatea Showcases, the next 3 month installment being available from 1 February, featuring a lot of artists local to Bournemouth in this nationwide trawl of the best folk / acoustic artists.

After the show I head out to the Thomas Tripp to see and hear Hannah Robinson. Its only as I’m reminded by the chaps there that they’ve not seen me for a while, that I realise the last time I saw Hannah do a solo set was at the Jackie Leven & Pete Christie gig, at the back end of 2010. Its shocking how time flies, and how a year can pass so quickly without noticing who I hadn’t seen. On to the gig, she is playing mainly her own material with just a few covers thrown in. The pub is populated without being crowded, and many are appreciative of her songs, acknowledging she’s there by providing applause appropriately.

As the crowd thins throughout the evening, so do does the attention unfortunately. Hannah soldiers on through just being the best she can be. Its her first gig at the Tripp as a soloist, so she’s pleased to have a “thanks you were very good” from the bar staff. And she gets my vote of thanks too, I just can’t believe I’ve left it over 12 months to get my Hannah fix 🙂

Apologies for the lack of photos – forgot to take a studio pic, and the lighting was too poor in the Tripp for the blackberry to capture Hannah effectively…

Weds 24 Pete Christie

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Pete Christie @ Thomas Tripp 24 Aug - retelling a talePete Christie @ Thomas Tripp, Aug 24Its another Wednesday night, and this time I’ve crossed town straight from the show to catch the beginning of a Pete Christie set, rather than an end as I normally have to enjoy. Busy pub, many paying attention to the wizardly fingers as coupled to the feet to build up layer on layer of music. Clever what one man and a guitar can do with a foot-controlled loop pedal.

Christie Wednesday

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Had an eventful show tonight – it normally is with Radio Boscombe on board, just seemed more so than usual. They have another album out, with more all new material so we spent some time previewing some of that, plus the usual banter and a set of birthday dedications from various “notables” that they’d “acquired” – it was my birthday a week or so beforehand.

A brief stop off at O’Neill’s to see two songs from Roomful Of Mirrors before heading up to Chaplins for the open mic. Turns out a lot of my semi-pro muso friends had decided to hook up – Krista Green, Ant Lewis, Mischa, Kimari Raven, Sofi Reed.

Pete Christie Thomas TrippWhile it was enjouyable hanging out with them, I really had to leave early to catch the last 20 minutes of Pete Christie in the Thomas Tripp. And boy was it a good 20 minutes, even though I’d missed a lot of my favourites he plays. He covered Love Of The Common People, which was made famous by Paul Young, originally made known by Nicky Thomas – first time I’ve heard his take on it, impressive.

Not a waste at all, missing out on all those other mates, to be able to appreciate again the magic fingered performer that is Pete Christie.

Mr Christie wows the Tripp

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I was just going to say “Pete Christie performed at the Thomas Tripp – you should have been here for the experience” But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The evening started with the monthly Solid Air outing on the show; all those artists Conrad had tried to tie in to the next Sonic Adventures were unable to make it. With no guest Connie & I ran a talk show based on the music scene instead.

One of the promoters included tonight was Jake Scott – he’s running a fundraising gig for Haiti in the Old Fire Station on Sunday night. Charities benefiting will be administered via DEC, meaning my charity of choice, Samaritan’s Purse, won’t get a look in.

DEC do not fund Samaritan’s Purse – despite their presence in nearly every hotspot in the world, the UK presence isn’t large enough to feature in DEC’s plans 😦 Click here if you want to donate directly

Any help for Haiti is welcome, so please get along to support the efforts and raise some much needed funds for the efforts

Pete Christie Tripp

After doing a bit of delivery running around, I land at the gig that I started with. Pete is on form mainly just playing his guitar unaccompanied by the normally ever-present loop pedal.

Even so he is entertaining not just with the songs, but the overall presence – looking around for people to pick on, yet always making himself the butt of the joke, throwing in stories and anecdotes to boot.

I won’t mention some of the outrageous items Pete’s done tonight – those that are also here will know what I’m referring to – however as ever he finishes with an increasingly extended Easy Come Easy Go, using the loop pedal to full multi-voice effect.

If one hasn’t had a chance to experience Mr Christie in one of these up close and personal gigs, please make a point of doing so real soon. He is playing at Mr Kyps soon, and is totally able to fill that stage with sound and quips, however it is with the close, visible audience that I enjoy Pete the most.

HopeFM show night, Weds 20 October


Not Made In China were my guests on air this evening – caused absolute disruption by squeezing a drum kit into the live studio.

Great bunch of people, and lively chat – so much so that I forgot to phone any promoters this night – although I did manage to get the Oxjam plug in.

Followed up by a pre-paid ticket I’d forgotten about (until I did my show research) for Paint It Blue, who were supporting the New Jersey group The Billy Walton Band.

Pete Christie

Pete Christie

I left after the complete set of Paint it Blue, and my usual 3rd sog of Billy Walton, to dash over to Christchurch to see the end (last 2 songs, or about 15 minutes) of the wonderful Mr Pete Christie, always the entertaininer, and a fantastic bloke and good friend to boot.