Musicosity Old Firestation Upstairs Day 2 Saturday

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Christa Vi @ Old Firestation 3 SepAnother day, another jam packed gig as part of the Musicosity Festival, again upstairs in the Old Fire Station.  Christa Vi start, they consist of Christa herself on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, with a full band including synths behind her.  Nice varistion of tunes, since there are assortments of acoustic and electric guitars, keys and bas changing about during the set.  They’ve also brought an active crowd with them, which fills the front portion of the stage.

Next up is Alex Roberts; I big him up as his usual Cellar Bar self, where he really kicks it out with the roots music.  This time he’s in a fairly contemplative mood, and includes a number of political swipes at how things are progressing in society in general.  All this is the chat interspersing his usual poignant and witty songs, this time just played on the lap steel and harmonica. I’m so captivated by his performance I forget to grab a photo for the blog, sorry Alex…

Goldray @ Old Firestation 3 SepGoldray are the third act tonight; featuring Kenwyn from Reef they are a little disappointed to be playing upstairs on the small stage, rather than downstairs on the big stage (where there aren’t that many of the gig going public to be honest) – all bands here could have benefitted from maybe not just a larger stage but at least one without a pillar in front of it (see photos).  The music is female vocal led by Leah, with clever effects overlaid, very high energy and a lot of fun, and they look good too.

The Dark Lights @ Old Fire Station 3 SepThe fourth band of the six tonight are The Dark Lights, they sounded amazing in sound check, unfortunately the stage has been rewired a few times by the time they get on, so a bit of time is spent by my searching for and re-plugging lost cables. Once on they sound great, however (as anticpated during the sound check) the drums get louder throughout the set, causing the whole balance to go out.  Its a shame as the music they’re producing is awesome, multiple keyboards and samples providing neat backing to amazing guitar led tunes.

ASP @ Old Fire Station 3 SepNext we have ASP, I’ve seen these guys a few times before, normally at festivals,where they really kick out their rock sound. They are loud and punchy tonight, so loud I feel I can’t give them my best efforts in providing a decent, clear sound.  This is a shame, since the songs they have are pretty good, and done pretty well. I need to pick my moments to give advice to bands, too, since when I suggest a few things, they don’t go down too well. Whoops, and sorry lads.

The headline act are Dead On TV. The good thing about Musicosity is that it is a genuine headline, rather than a “finish after midnight closer” – I’m only able to start them little later than I wanted but it’s still only gone 10pm when they’re on.  They were desperate to have the lights off during their show, so I was unable to capture a shot of them. I love their sound – twin guitars, twin keyboards, and four male vocal harmonies, in lead and three backing singers with the guitar, bass and keys.

Musicosity Old Firestation Upstairs Day 1 Friday

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Musicosity is a 3 day festival in the cente of town and on the beach, celebrating the best of original music in the area, with additional bands shipped in from elsewhere, Reef being the major name in this category.

Beckett @ Old Firestation 2 SepI’m in the upstairs section of the Old Fire Station, as I’m running one of the stages. Beckett are first up with their catchy tunes as ever, well played, and well received by the other bands present. I really enjoy seeing them as they’ve come such a long way from my first sight of them at an open mic ooh, 6/7 years ago?

Nudy Bronque @ Old Firestation 2 SepNudy Bronque (pr. New-di bronk) arrived later than they desired from Swindon after a series of van failures, yet still managed to provide a kicking show, full of enthusiasm and verve, lively tunes and just genuine good songs.

Kentucky Fight Club @ Old Firestation 2 SepKentucky Fight Club plug in and go with their amazing vigour, frantic mando with mad violin producing the usual folk / punk style of music, but with the usual added synth providing the difference between KFC and other well known bands in this camp. Finger kicking fun, loads of activity on and off stage.

Kiss Corona @ Old Firestation 2 SepNottingham based Kiss Corona are next up, they have some intricate programmed work, making their set perhaps the most polished of all. They are reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne (the Stacy’s Mom crowd), sounding much like that style while still being original with it

Last up is Boxes, no doubt named after the number of synths and bits and bobs they have – iPads, laptops etc, while still producing live music over the top with keys and guitar. Rhythmic and hypnotic all at the same time, enjoyable clever sounds.

After packing up, I make it to the Cellar Bar with just enough time to catch the fairwell gig for Roland as he leaves Mischa’s band. As ever fun, musical, random and amazingly lyrical. He’s also throwing a few covers in for good measure. One surprise is a song by Roland, on guitar (not uke or cello) through a loop pedal. Mellow and a good singalong all combined.

Haiti Fun Fundraiser

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Had a Family Church (FCC) prayer meeting tonight, so didn’t manage to get out to this gig as early as I might have wanted to.

I’ve missed The Extinguishers, I’m reliably informed they played a blinder of a set & made an awesome amount of noise for just 3 people. I’ve also missed much of Mischa‘s set – they’ve been set up outside to draw the crowd, on this wet and miserable evening.

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle have just started as I walk in, creating an awesome latino focussed party vibe with exotic rhythms and cool cuts. At one point percussionist James wanders off the stage porting a djembe and dances with the crowd whilst show boating – this bringing the band into the crowd keeps things aIive and moving.

Coupled with the funk vibe, clear vocal harmonies from Elena and Lucy are layered over instrumental solos, clearly going down well with the party goers.

OFS party crowd

It’s not hard to remember this is a fund raiser – halfway through the set “the man with the pirate hat” is highlighted to us – we are to pursue him to donate and purchase raffle tickets all going towards the cause.

Tonight Monkey Puzzle are playing all original material, compared with the last time I saw them in 1812. Not that I can tell – it is all danceable to, melodic hence easy on the ear, smooth and refined, yet with some nicely surprising punches keeping it active.


After a good lengthy set they hand over to the raffle and Disco’s Out (Murder’s In), who are on top form as ever waking the place up with their brassy chords and attitudal vibe.

Sensing the perhaps slightly subdued mood as the evening has progressed (being a wet night, many of the rent-a-mob crew haven’t ventured out), the band strike into some of their more sombre numbers – these rely a lot on keys which don’t appear to be working at all through the PA – much to some people’s obvious frustration…

DO(MI) super heroes?

Costume theme seems to be film heroes tonight – caped crusaders and Wayne’s World taking centre stage, while Martin looks resplendent in some military get up.

Seemingly giving up on what is clearly letting them down in the PA they just go all out at the end with Blow My Mind and Clown, before encouraging the now mandatory lunging action as they close.


More raffle draws later and Dubheart start up. What’s impressive this time is that the whole band aren’t fully set, yet they make a start anyway. Each blends in to a dub jam as they get up and running, before all are in; they call a reluctant halt and kick off into the set proper.

Even though the evening is getting on the guys are going for it, and they’ve brought their own crowd with them to boot. This is a good thing, and surely means the party will continue long after I’ve left…

Oxjam Bournemouth Takeover, 2010


Overall an amazing weekend, lots of bands playing lots of venues, all to raise money for Oxfam.

Friday Night, Champions

Only managed to see the last two of the four acts on the bill – Sola Infrared  and My Broken 101.  Both amazingly chilled yet big rock vibes, have provisionally booked MB101 for a show appearance.

Saturday afternoon, Sherbet Lounge & The Inferno

was limited in my options here – was at a Samaritans Purse fundraising quiz night from 7pm, so was only able to catch a few of the afternoon bands:

Sherbet lounge:

The Inferno

Saturday Evening, Winchester, 60 Million Postcards, The Inferno

After the Samaritans Purse fundraiser was compete, managed to dash to the Winchester to catch the last chord of New Volunteer, before seeing one of the Retro Bombshell burlesque troop while waiting for The New Governors.

Then to see Mutant Vinyl  in 60 Million Postcards (he’s by far the hottest property of the moment in town), before finishing the evening with Dusty Cuts in The Inferno.

Something of note – bumped into many ex-Betikans in 60MPC; things might be looking up on that horizon. Dave Purse was out telling me about this new project he’s currently got on, Zaardvark (it could almost be Jazz, he furtively whispered)

Sunday night, The Old Firestation

This was a first for me, not been here before (even though many gigs take place here, I perceive it as mainly a student venue and caters for the DJ crowd rather than live music audiences.)

However, amazingly strong line up, all ably held together by Chris Brown, the Rock ‘N’ Roll Town Crier:

No particular major reviews here, just a fantastic weekend of live music through out the town.  Big shout to Tone Foster (bhone) for pulling to gether a great team, including Chloe (The Longest Day), Geoff (DJ Mr Lively) and Rob (who I’d seen around but not had a chance to talk to before).

Thank you Bournemouth muso’s for your generosity and prowess in equal measure.