Vida Fri 29 July

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Vida @ The Richmond ArmsRichmond Arms again, for more female vocal entertainment, this time courtesy of Natalee, Elena and Kristy aka Vida, when mixed with Afro Ninja and Karl the ensemble making a fantastic sound.  Since I’ve already said a lot about these guys, both the first time I saw them in May, and later in July (they also generously played at a garden party I put together for my birthday). I won’t put any more here, except to say the are honing their sound, and really focussing in on what they are best at, making each show better and better.  This alone compels one to keep seeing them and coming back for more, hence my appearance at this latest gig of theirs. Love it, and love them.

Misty Eyes, Misty Blue

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Misty Blue @ The Richmond ArmsI’ve previously been tipped off about Misty Blue, admittedly by Lisa, one half of this Jazz Blues duo. She’s singing Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield and the like, accompanied by Bruce Griffin on piano. The title refers to the wonderful tone and mood they bring to The Richmond Arms, a new venue for me. Apologies for the processed photo – the Arms is a nicely decorated pub, but the lighting is dismal for my crapberry.

Mr Griffin is wonderfully expressive on the keys, when called for half standing, swaying and providing added visual emphasis to keep pace with the music. I’ve not written about Lisa’s voice before, as I’ve not seen her since creating the blog; rich and mellow, perfectly in tune, able to reach deep with feeling, and high with passion, as called for by the score. I feel its a real privilege to just be able to walk in and hear them.

Del Bishop @ ChaplinsAfter this it’s off to Chaplins for the final couple of numbers by Del Bishop – totally different, yet still engaging and enjoyable all the same.