Nutty Roots

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Discos Out (Murders In) @ Mr KypsNuttyness the Madness tribute band are playing Mr Kyps; Disco’s Out (Murders In) are supporting, and doing their utmost to make a big sound and party things up – lots of their fans like me are here from their 95 person guest list, so its not only a great atmosphere but a good party too. Ed is absent reducing them to 6 on stage; Martin and Imogen seem to be behaving extra nuttily to compensate; Steve and Lee particularly are making the most of the large Mr Kyps stage by springing about with some awesome lunging action that unfortunately we just can’t coordinate with in the crowd 😀

Nuttyness @ Mr KypsAfter Disco’s Out (Murders In)‘s amazing set and a lengthy stage reset, Nuttyness enter the stage making a grand suited and booted appearance, hats and dark glasses in abundance among the 6-piece. They kick off with some great licks, The Prince, One Step Beyond, before taking it down a step with Another Weary Day. A shout for modernity from the 80’s tribute – they can be tweeted while live @nuttinessband, and they’ll include them in the show. Its pumped again with House of Fun, which is where I take an exit to catch other some other gigs.

Willowen @ On The RocksI reach On The Rocks in time to catch the last few songs from Willowen. Its slightly more subdued than the last time I saw them, at the Inferno, but the crowd here are more into the band than they seemed to be at that latter venue. They are all going slightly crazy for some of the pacier numbers such as Drowsy Maggie & Dan’s House. I’m just impressed with myself I’ve managed to make a gig at this place, all the better for it being an intimate band like Willowen.

Hiproute @ Cellar BarOn to catch the last of Hiproute‘s set at the Cellar Bar, they are doing some blues, appearing under the UK Roots Movement moniker, as per normal for the last Friday of the month in this place. The slide guitar work is fairly dominant, with large bass riffs leading over the top occasionally, both being underpinned by solid steady drums. This is definitely more funk than blues for the most part, especially as they break out the acoustic guitar and transport us on a jolly journey that definitely gets the foot tapping…

Lowender Peran 2010

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I decided to have a weekend in Cornwall, and hooked up with my mate Peter London, who let me know about this celebration of Celtic Music.

Having hung around Perranporth holding on two a couple of hot steak

pasties, we spotted the end of an unknown dance troupe, before wandering into the Ponsmere hotel.

The Turkey Rhubarb Band

The Turkey Rhubarb Band

The bombarde workshop was just coming to an end, we wandered towards the Sunset Bar as the processional troupe The Turkey Rhubarb Band came throgh and into the town – they look very sinister with their Cornish guise masks.

Back in the Sunset Bar, we could only take so much of The Fishy Tales Company presenting ‘ The Cuckoo Valley Railway – they opted not to use the PA, and we struggled to get into the story telling.

Back to the hotel’s dining room after those diversions, entered the concert for the afternoon -bang on Celtic folk artistes and troupes.

In chronological order, we have:

The Midden
Lord Edward’s Own Narraghmore Pipe Band
The Bolingey Troyl Band and Dancers
Stamp & Go
The James-Fouéré Group

They are in “Celtic-ness” order there as well. For us, the Midden were by far the best troupe, and the rest were good, but just not there for us compared with them.  Would want to see them again.

Must just take time out to mention the compere – everything was Cornish first, English after.  It was onlyat the end when it was announced that this was the Grand Bard of Cornwall, who had agreed to oversee the afternoon’s festivities.

So despite claiming to come from Cornwall (I moved there when I was 13), this was my first Cornish/Celtic festival.  Enjoyable ? yes. Go again? maybe in a few years, give it a rest for the immediate future.