Brothers Grimmer @ The Sloop 19 Feb 2013Its a Tuesday night, I’ve wandered across town to The Sloop for their open mic, after another great early evening with my church small group. The Sloop have started something a little different, in that they are providing a slot for a band to try out, with the hope of gaining a (paid) Friday or Saturday night slot. This is however at the tail end of the open mic, which means its nearly 11:30 by the time a very slimmed down (in more than one way) Brothers Grimmer start their set.

Brothers Grimmer have slimmed down to a four piece, their former second guitarist has called it an end for now, so its left to Bo-bo (Shawn), Macko (Mike), Embryopup (Lee) and Guru (Matt) to perform the tunes. The second diet tonight is the minimal amount of equipment they’re using – Matt’s drum kit is just snare and bass with a few cymbals, there’s a couple of amps and that’s it!

Macko balances - Brothers Grimmer @ The Sloop, 19 FebNo matter, the music is still good, the stories behind the songs are more clearly heard here at The Sloop than at certain other venues I’ve heard Brothers Grimmer play at. The odd layout of The Sloop plays into dancer Macko’s arms, he effectively makes three small dance floors of the various areas – very much “in the round”!

Brothers Grimmer @ The Sloop 19 Feb 2013The sound is still very full on for what is now “just a three piece” band; even on reduced kit Matt is busy, Lee providing a full sound even with just a small combo. Brothers Grimmer staples are here, with a few of the newer material (new album being recorded) and a cover scattered about, even a band with as good originals as these have to cover material just to get the gigs in today’s tribute obsessed world. After a too short 40 minute set (as we’re all tired at this hour) they call it a night, shame as this has been good.