Martin Kitcher invited us along to a little reunion he was playing at – The Rolling Drunks, The Toads and the Martin Kitcher Band. Its something different to do so I wander across town and arrive in time just to hear the opening speil then into the music

The Toads @ Mr Kyps, 17 Feb 2013Its visually interesting to note three piece rock band The Toads are left handed on both guitar and bass. I’m unsure on all the titles and wonder about covers, Dear Prudence is one, fairly straight with little gloss added to offer originality. No name checks to help me help you with any names. Slower tempos allow plenty of space for the drums to throw in fills and rills, of which there are enough to retain some interest. Things wake up a bit as blues harpist Carl Wilson is invited to join The Toads, and the blues breaks into more like Rhythm & Blues. Their last song is given an introduction – I miss the title, it was a single they produced 30 or so years ago, and its again fairly active with walking bass and good lively blues harp. Unpromising plod of a start redeemed by the livelier second half of the set.

Martin Kitcher Band @ Mr Kyps 17 feb 2013Things wake up a lot with The Martin Kitcher Band. I can overlook the words on stage (they’re worked into the act), there isn’t much movement, yet the music more than makes up for this. Strange as the empirical tempo is slow, yet the songs are captivating, lyrics amusing and prose-like, lots going on within the five piece. Third song Laughter Time has reggae beats, the guys (who’ve not been together for a long time) seem to break into their stride for this, and enjoy things more and more as the gig progresses. You know its been a good set when it ends all too soon and you’re left wanting more, this is definitely the case for me here.

The Rolling Drunks @ Mr Kyps 17 feb 2013The Rolling Drunks kick off with a fast paced Louie Louie and continue trotting out fast blues and rock n roll tracks, all covers and all performed pretty expertly, it might be a reunion gig yet it feels like these are all musos at the top of their game. Its also all a bit of a laugh – many friends, family and fans are here, big pants are being thrown on stage (unusual for the local gigs I go to) to be adorned as head ornaments by the afore-noted Carl Wilson (its his birthday gig). Mr Kyps feels pretty full too, perhaps 150 punters jigging along, even those at the back, all induced by the great stomp of the music.