The Worry Dolls @ Cellar Bar 6 OctIn the hope of getting an early night this Saturday due to going diving in the morning, have dropped in to the Cellar Bar first to catch The Worry Dolls. Unfortunately they haven’t started by the time I arrive and I’m still hanging around after 20 minutes. The Worry Dolls sound sweet even in the soundcheck when levels aren’t quite right. Having completed that they then leave the stage again. As it will be for another 15 minutes or so I move on elsewhere.

Brothers Grimmer @ Inferno 6 OctBrothers Grimmer joined Chinners and I in the studio a couple of weeks back, and they are doing a double slot at The Inferno tonight. I’ve missed the opening act by the time I get here, and spend the interval talking with videographer Andrew Gale about how he started and now continues (from Bournemouth Ice Rink to the O2 Bristol with Surface Festival in just over a year).

The chaps start, Michael giving it his all with the dancing while the other four guys put it all about with the story telling in the songs. I’m starting to get to know the material now; Pandora’s Box is amazingly tricky in places, awkward chords and some cleverly out of time cross beats just to mix things up. Not all hard rock, yet with enough heavy undercurrent to appease those who love the genre, they have delightful variety and style.

What is also obvious (as it was through the interview) is that this is a band that really work hard together, play hard together, and also help each other out during setup and soundcheck etc. Three family by birth, two family by choice, this is Brothers Grimmer!