Lady Winwoods Maggot @ Thomas Tripp 5 OctTonight I start at Christchurch’s Soho, where friends of Ness’ are having a bit of a birthday shindig. After a few pizza slices and drinks, off home by way of the Thomas Tripp where Lady Winwoods Maggot are playing

I walk in as they’re finishing one, and stick around for Cupra Cabra, Chase The Cat and Bad Moon Rising; Ness drags me out as the strains of My Hometown are playing out. The crowd are rammed together in the not tiny pub, most jigging around and shouting along to the infectious tunes. The boys are on the radio show on 31 October.

Hooligan Choir @ Cellar Bar 5 OctOn to The Cellar Bar on this wet evening, where Hooligan Choir are finishing what has been a promising set. More good guitar riffs while bass and drums play beats and rhythms that force you to jump around to.

The Frequency @ Cellar Bar 5 OctThe Frequency are our headline band tonight in the Cellar Bar, kicking off merging Sticky Little Finger into Run With You. They don’t appear to be set back by their loss of bass player, if anything using dep Jim has given Aus, Dan and Phil a new impetus. Phil particularly is playing some tricksy yet still steady and solid beats, and on the breaks they’re all so tight, moving some awkward chord sequences all synchronised together with staccato syncopation. All great stuff, check out the review and videos over at Rock Regeneration.