Lady Winwoods Maggot Show & O’Neills

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Lady Winwoods Maggot @ Hope FM studio 31 Oct The Lady Winwoods Maggot boys take over the banter tonight – well they need to as my head is somewhere else, and Chinners covers a lot for me. We start on about the rise of X-factor and the like, with their insights from behind the scenes as entrants to the first competition run. We move on to a lot of other subjects, prompted as a result of their latest CD, the Rise Of Karaoke Culture And The Death Of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

As sort of expected, there are a lot of off-air non-broadcast-able moments (perhaps we ought to provide an audience feature just to hear what goes on off-air), and some unexpected sharp cuts to songs or spots as some subject matter strays a bit close to the bone….

Si Genaro @ O'Neills 31 OctOn to O’Neills briefly, Si Genaro acting the compere fool and also entertaining tonight, made up as a rather sinister joker all in black and white. Playstation Hero is his last song, with lots of other bits thrown in, Monster Mash, shrieks and screams, raven calls and the like, in addition to the beat box material Si is known for.

Phil King @ O'Neills 31 OctPhil King is birthday boy tonight, dressed as a mummy he fits in well with the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie shown in the background. He’s brought a sizable crowd to party with him, who seem to like it as he starts with one of my faves of his, Life’s Rich Tapestry. Then debuting a new song, full of bass notes and trademark twiddles and chord progressions. Get Together is accompanied by a dancers floor show thanks to Amanda and Martine, I take my leave for the evening.

Gehko & Tom Clements Show & O’Neills

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Tom Clements with Gehko looking on, Livewire Live on 90.1 Hope FM Oct 24Gehko join us tonight in the studio, we review some tracks from their album. Tom Clements produced the album, he’s joined us all too and since he’s the only one with a guitar, plays Promises out live for us. We have some interesting chat, and I also remember to include a phone in with Karen from Fiveways Folk, a new folk night starting in town.

Isobel Thatcher Music @ O' Neills Bournemouth Oct 24Afterwards, on to O’Neills where Isobel Thatcher is starting the evening, performing to a rowdy bunch who only want to hear Wonderwall. That’s become a bit of an in-joke thing, since Tom was asked to play Wonderwall five times at the Inferno Human Jukebox evening. I digress; Isobel has a strong voice, and carries on regardless of the rowdies, who move on to another pub as part of their crawl, leaving behind a more appreciative, and still full, pub crowd

'Taff' @ O' Neills Bournemouth Oct 24Taff (Thomas ‘Taff’ Morse) is also on stage, taking an unusual break from running things in Poole to play here. He has Jack with him on cajon, they start with a  cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, its a little different from The Milk Machine stuff I’ve previously heard him do. Next we have Jungle Book’s I Wanna Be Like You, then into When Doves Cry melded with Never Tear Us Apart. Each is placed into its own space, Taff plays each fairly regular, and yet this shows that he can both play decently, and belt out some corkers, even if they are all crowd pleasing covers. He breaks into an Axis of Awesome-style medley, loads of songs in the same key, slightly different rhythms, whilst in the middle of With Or Without You.

Annie & Jemma as Snow Wolf @ O' Neills Bournemouth Oct 24Jemma and Annie enter while Taff plays. Its Jemma’s birthday today, and they are doing a set as Snow Wolf. They’ve brought their own crowd with them too, filling the bar out again. They are on good form tonight – despite birthdays they’ve been staying away from the booze, as last time was a bit giggly so I’m told. Jemma’s strident voice commands the attention of the pub, and Annie takes some easy chord playing, before they swap roles. Annie’s voice is also commanding, and they harmonise well together. Thay also provide a comic interlude – for some reason, Jemma needs to lose a boot, and Annie decides to remove it for her during her own song. Annie tries to remove the other one, and instead removes the heel. Its all a bit random and bizarre, they’re giggling, including us with them makes for entertainment.

Fisherman Fest

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Yellowgroove @ The Larder House Macmillan Cancer Support fundraiser, Oct 21Having been diving in the morning after the late Oxjam finish, I’m a little tardy reaching the Fishermans Walk gardens. The Larderhouse are hosting a mini festival here, as I arrive with Mrs H, Selby is on stage with a funk jam band shouting out some rap poetry; the rap stuff is good, I’m getting a bit tired of the repetitive jam towards the end, as its been going on for about 30 minutes.

After a longish break Yellowgroove are next on, starting with Fading Out then Loving Man. Son Of A Working Man is given an extended intro while a lead is changed, subtle hints are given alluding to the melody as first one or two, then a series of chords from the melody riff are played out. The guys break into some of their covers, that and the cold turns us to walk away, with the strains of Cream left behind in the trees…

Oxjam Takeover 2012


oxjam bournemouth 2012 posterThere’s been much anticipation and build up yet again for the takeover this year, and the start is slightly delayed in the Pier Theatre due to VT difficulties creating more suspense…

Martin interviewAnd we’re off – Powdered Cows start with Lobster, Martin fresh from being interviewed by Beth Graham who’s producing an Oxjam Bournemouth Takeover Rockumentary. Powdered Cows @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012There’s been promise of a spectacle from Martin, he starts solo with his electronics for a couple of songs, before a lion and a crocodile join him for Lion Lion, with invite for the audience to take some percussion and create the song together

Catch up with Livvy in relaxed mode @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012There’s delays in 60 Million Postcards too, so I catch up with one of the Oxjam queens, Livvy, who’s taking a moment outside.

Boolays @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012

I head back to the Pier where the Boolays are hitting their last two songs, both of them debuts for the band. Soprano sax, twin dueling acoustic guitars and twin female vocals with male accompaniment means I’m in a brief delight.

Jack Grace @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Jack Grace is solo acoustic today, and sounds absolutely crystal clear on the vocals, while the guitar gently plays along to itself for much of the material thanks to his loop pedal. The fantastic ambience of the awesome pier theatre really works well for Jack’s voice.

Jack Vallier @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012I reach 60 Million Postcards in time to hear Chris Woodford have a large shout up by compere Si Genaro. As ever, Chris plays a blinder. Jack Vallier is next up, and chooses to do a set of acoustic covers, starting with Wonderwall, which doesn’t go down as well as Krista’s version did last night. One bit of really good news – Tony Warren is back on the local music scene having had three years away in London; we have a bit of a natter and a catch up.

Citizen Perez @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Citizen Perez (Steve Perry) is up next in 60 Million Postcards, and everyone that’s told me about Citizen Perez has been right – what Steve does here is totally different to the other material he’s produced in the other acts he’s in. He’s doing new material (some involving kazoo) as well as acoustic versions of songs from other acts (like Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) ). Something that works well for him is the novelty kazoo taped to the microphone, such that he can still play guitar whilst using the kazoo. Makes for an interesting combination.

Not Made In China @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Back to The Pier, and one of my favourites, the happiest band in Bournemouth, Not Made In China are on stage. Their music is in major keys, with some great contrary bass work, big positive rhythms, and the killer vocals which somewhat tell of life in these times. People are clapping along, the only thing missing for me are the dancing idiots like me, but then this is a seated venue after all… Lee (Escape From 98) is with me, between us we cook up a new genre, African Indie, to place Not Made In China.

Annie Winter @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Annie Winter is doing her set at 60 Million Postcards; she’s recruited a full band behind her, Tim on string bass, Ben on cajon and Joe (Potter) on guitar and vocal. She’s singing winsome songs with a laid back feeling, perfect for a dreamy afternoon; with my rushing back and forth I’m feeling I’m not partaking in that vibe. My loss, and yet I wouldn’t have it any other at this moment in time 🙂

Compere Si Genaro introduces Tim Somerfield @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Tim Somerfield is given another of the Si Genaro treatments, and kicks off with last years Oxjam CD contribution There There. Tim’s voice soars over the guitar chord work, as if a bird released to float around the venue, major chords giving a positive lift to the songs. As I leave to reach the pier Tim starts Supervillain Alter Ego, which is on this years Oxjam album.

I’ve missed Our comperes Martin Roberts & Timo Peach @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Mischa and catch Martin & Timo filling the gap so the Chicken Soup Choir can set up. They interview conductor Julie, who together with pianist Esther inherited a choir and set up Chicken Soup, because its good for the soul as she puts it. The Chicken Soup Choir @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012When the choir are revealed as the curtain lifts, I’m amazed at the size of it. They’re singing various pop rock songs, starting with what I think is Elbow, then Ash and Radiohead (I really don’t know my modern non-local music anymore). All the various instrumental components are sung, with oohs and ahhs and the like to make up the accompaniments.

Southern Ukulele Store Boscombe Ukelele Social @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Susbus (Southern Ukelele Store Boscombe Ukelele Social) fill the stage as did the choir. Lisa McQuillan and Jonty Johnson share most of the singing honours, though many others are pulled out of the esemble to solo and sing. I must admit much of my attention is on Nacho Jase, who’s playing bass ukelele and hiding at the back, yet seems to be filling the stage with his presence. Paul Tucker is our narrator, and there’s a spare appearance by Martin Roberts on kazoo.

Mutant Vinyl @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Mutant Vinyl have something special prepared for us tonight – I was with them last night as they were preparing the act for tonight. Ed starts trying to get his sax and vocals working to his satisfaction with the sound guys and the effects processing. Its not working for him so he invites his friend, birthday boy Tim Smart to join the stage. Luke also steps in, as Ed moves to the drums and Tim announces …. County Hospital…. County Hospital takeover the takeover with Mutant Vinyl @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012This means that the charismatic Ed switches to the enigmatic Ed and starts playing the tricked out beats he’s so good at, while Tim, Marc and Luke rock out some wonderful experimental stuff – then promptly leave the stage after the one song. Artistic Impression or what?  [It later transpires that this early exit wasn’t in the plan, its just that Ed couldn’t get the over-FX sound he wanted, so rather than give a bad show in his eyes, took the brave decision to chop his act, even though this causes angst and consternation for some – particularly the poor organisers of the venue].

head of a cuban trojan @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Head Of A Cuban Trojan (HOACT) have nearly played their awesome set out as I walk in, there are just three songs left, and they are amazing. Heavy bass, over egged guitar, a bit of a grunge thing going on. Then they start megaphoning the lyrics just to add to the musical contusion. Love it

El BosCo @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012El Bosco are a subset of Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) in appearance, totally different sound. Great melodies on Steve’s guitar, Ttubbs has some great beats going on, and Ed is pumping out the bass like a live one. Proper pop rock stuff, and everything starting to be turned up to the max on the PA. Its a little bit grungy like HOACT, yet not similar as there’s different things going on in the music and the vocals. Again I’m liking it, and am a bit torn to move to another venue.

Get The Tape @ Ontherocks Bar, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012On The Rocks next (as I turn up at The Pier for Momo:Tempo to hear Tim say he’s finished), where Get The Tape have just started. Big screamo shouty rock, upon which regular readers will know my views. Even so, Get The Tape are different from the rest, their drummer is able to play some really fast timely stuff, while the lead guitar is producing great tunage, rather than the mushy chords I normally associate with the style. Another band I want to hear more from in the future, despite my general reservations on the genre.

Know One @ Pier Theatre, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Know One are playing what’s been dubbed as their last ever set on the Pier Theatre stage. Starting with some long-lost Two Tone material as an intro and sort of soundcheck, they soon move into the moshing stuff they’re known and loved for. Massive bass work, big horns (Callum still running around with that sax) and the others making good with the drums and the chord work. They are really on fire, and they even play their request song that they never normally play, Invisible Reality. I leave before the end, though, for…

Yellowgroove @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 201260 Million Postcards again, this time for Yellowgroove who are in the middle of their 5 hour remix of Spread Your Love (Like A Fever), by all accounts they’ve done everything needed to satiate this noisy and active crowd. They get such a great groove on as they start Manimal, while still managing to take the rip out of their mate Nick. A brief crowd incursion causes a bit of havoc with Simon’s electrics, before they go into their next single Fading Out (available on the Oxjam CD), which is where I move out to On The Rocks.

Escapefrom'98 @ Ontherocks Bar, Oxjam Bournemouth 2012Escape From 98 have just started, and immediately start the heckling going. I have no paper to throw at them in return (their gig the night before in Salisbury culminated in a paper ball fight), so just bellow instead. We need to start a thing going – they have a new song Chorus where they encourage the crowd to shout the title – just shout “NO!”, kids. And they’ll love you forever and stuff :). A great set and a good end to this venue.

Mother Ukers @ 60 Million Postcards, Oxjam Bournemouth 201260 Million Postcards now have the Mother Ukers down, we’re still rammed in here as they play Love Cats then Cars before murdering Bowie (in a nice way), by turning Space Oddity into a chirpy number, while still retaining the modal nature of the song.

The evening ends in fine form with a little auction trying to sell off some particular one-design T-shirts, all to raise more funds for this worthy cause, before we continue partying the night away. I give up the party and take the option to leave for home, since I have diving in the morning.  A great, if wearing, day, thanks to the full on efforts of the team, Katy, Liz, Lauren, Livvy, Jo, Geoff and Andy, and all the others that I’m not aware of.  Please can we do it again, next year?!?

Warm Up For The Big One


Krista Green @ Seabournes 19 Oct Its Friday night, its not 5 to 5, but it is my warm up to the big Oxjam takeover. I’m starting tonight’s journey at a new venue for me, Seabournes in Pokesdown. Krista Green is playing her first gig here, and reads the crowd well, starting with Wonderwall in her own inimitable fashion. I think I’m the only one paying attention to the music, which is in competition with the sports screens; I’m wrong judging by the applause this raucous lot give her.

County Hospital @ Cellar Bar 19 OctTim Smart is opening at the Cellar Bar tonight in County Hospital guise, he got stuck on the train so wrote 6 new songs for tonight. The soundcheck comprises Tim running through them with drummer Ed (just arrived from Liverpool) and bassist Luke. Jim is only occasionally on conga so isn’t on stage at the start.

Straightaway Tim is up to some inventive antics, using the mic stand as the noise make for his guitar, while trotting out two regular songs before starting on the new stuff.

This latter is dead good, for what is effectively an unrehearsed jam, and causes much merriment as Ed totally stuffs up a 4 beat-4 beat-4 beat-3 beat rhythm. They restart once he gets the beat, with the last verse, chorus and big end – all together this time. Hopefully you get the vibe for how County Hospital write a song, even though Ed’s heard to mutter “I’m supposed to be a professional”. The others are having fun, and that Ed can even pull it together demonstrates his impeccable ability.

Bad Magic @ Cellar Bar 19 OctBad Magic make a fast changeover for a decent start kicking off with an angry Roadkill. There’s been some hassle with the non-regular bouncers not letting lead Chris into the venue, he’s restricted to the stage only then supposedly straight out the door afterwards.

What I’m liking about this set is Bad Magic realise they’re on a small stage, can’t do the stadium antics, so are punching out tune after tune with no let-up between.

Oxjam Show & Gigs

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What a packed show – and with no live music session. Geoff from the Oxjam Bournemouth team drops by to give Chinners and I a run for our money on the talking front. There are so many gigs this week that the entire show was filled just with a gig guide and a few interspersed songs.

Fran Milner @ O'Neills 17 Oct

We’re so full, with texts and calls coming in, I completely forget my prep to promote Fiveways Folk, a new plug in and play folk night starting on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, the first session being on 24 October.

Sweetchunks @ O'Neills 17 Oct

On to O’Neills, where its my first chance to hear Fran Milner since she started gigging again a few months back. She’s just playing guitar, fairly simply, and her voice is compelling, really striding out across the muted audience.

"Stewart" @ Chaplins Open Mic, 17 Oct

Next up we have Sweetchunks, bravely going solo with a 6 stringed banjo. This doesn’t work (or rather, his fingers don’t) for the song he wants to start with, a Levellers cover, so instead switches to an old time style blues number and continues in the Americana trend. I’m enjoying it, there is a lot of self- and banjo- mickey taking, and the humorous songs despite seeming novelty, show a deep thoughtfulness too.

Antonia Edgeley-Long & Alex Taylor @ Chaplins Open Mic 17 OctOn to Chaplins for the open mic. There are rumours that Joe Potter and Antonia Edgeley-Long will be playing, not yet though, Stewart is renditioning some guitar and harmonica for us. Antonia is up next, with Alex paying some clever Spanish guitar for her to sing some covers with, along with added effects from the mixing desk.

Chris Woodford

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Chris Woodford @ Chaplins Bar 14 OctA very quick post – after a GodFirst Manthing (men’s evening with the church) event, headed over to catch Chris Woodford in what seems to be his spiritual home at Chaplins.  As ever he’s doing all sorts of tricks with a 12 string guitar; he’s already played for about an hour by the time I get there, after 30 minutes he takes a short break before continuing to the early hours.  Well, so I hear afterwards, I’m long gone by then.  Chris was voted the winner of the Dorset Music Awards in 2008, and he still plays up to the worthiness of the title.

Spank The Planks Evening

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Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 Oct

Spank The Planks are an Appalachian Dance troupe,

Broken String Band @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 Octaccompanied by The Broken String Band. The Bournemouth Folk Club have given them an entire evening to curate, so we are promised a variety of acts to take us on a journey around the Appalachian region and beyond…

Broken String Band @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctThe band start with their rendition of Turkey In the Straw (or Turkey In The Oven, as they dub it) before an introductory dance from the troupe, followed by a special dance gifted to Spank The planks by a visiting troupe over for Sidmouth Folk festival a few years back. John - Melodion @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctJohn (guitar in the band, though playing melodion here) takes us into the Appalachian valleys, then South America with a couple of tunes before regaling us with a comical rhyming story recital rooted in the North of England.

Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctNext up are the dancers with Mississippi Sawyer. This is a dance originally to the tune of the same name, however the band (nicely contrary) prefer to play the tune Cold And Frosty Morning for this dance. David Lambert - Dulcimer @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctDavid Lambert then regales us with some tunes: Going Over Jordan on dulcimer with melodion accompaniment from John, banjo solo of Kitchen Garden, then Woody Guthrie’s Ain’t Nobody as re-arranged by Billy Bragg.

Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctMore dancing with Old Joe Clark, then North to Ohio with the band playing Big Sciota before a blues journey to the Southern deltas with guitar and harmonica thanks to David and Dick.

Dick & David @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 Oct

The dancers are back for Cotton Eyed Joe, again with a unique musical interpretation. What is most apparent with the dancing is how combinations of simple sets and moves can build into complicated dances

Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctPigs Foot is a tune from Birmingham Alabama, the industrial centre of the Appalachian region, all about putting the pig iron in the furnace to make steel, followed by Copperhead Road, the Steve Earle song about moonshining and drug cultivation. Finally the first half is closed off with a dance to Shortening Bread

The band open the second set with June Apple, and an introduction – we have John on guitar, Steph on octave mandola, Ethan on fiddle, David on mandolin and Dick on acoustic bass. Then a dance, Yellow Rose, the tune of which has been recomposed by fiddler Bob who is sitting out of the band at the moment (arm trouble), yet is here in the audience. David & Dick @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctDick and David then play Red Rooster Blues, this time on slide guitar and harmonica, before Keith Solo - Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctKeith solos a scottish clog dance originating from Fife around the 1900’s.

Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctThe dancers return for Ducks On The Pond, one starts, then each joins in turn before we have all four stepping in time to the tune. Next the band play Shady Grove. Most of these tunes feature the fiddle heavily as the lead melody instrument, mainly with guitar or mandolin being the backup rhythm. Ethan & Steph @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctMore dancing with Arkansas Traveller then some Irish tunes with Ethan and Steph, the reason being Appalachian music is influenced by Irish, Scots Irish, Northern European and native American folk music. The next dance is Cluck Ole Hen; with five dancers this shouldn’t work (normally dances are arranged in pairs) yet it does for this choreography.

Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctThe band then play The Eighth Of January, all about how the Appalachians stuffed it to the British in the 1776 War For Independence. Next is an extra dance that demonstrates the interworking between the dancers themselves, and the band. Three dancers each take it turns to pass a rhythm around, two together and one, then the band come in, all in perfect time with each other. Whiskey Before Breakfast next with the whole troupe as a finale. The encore is the band with a Scottish song, Sleep Soundly ‘Til The Morning. Spank The Planks @ Bournemouth Folk Club 7 OctA great varied night along a good theme.

Early Night Desire

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The Worry Dolls @ Cellar Bar 6 OctIn the hope of getting an early night this Saturday due to going diving in the morning, have dropped in to the Cellar Bar first to catch The Worry Dolls. Unfortunately they haven’t started by the time I arrive and I’m still hanging around after 20 minutes. The Worry Dolls sound sweet even in the soundcheck when levels aren’t quite right. Having completed that they then leave the stage again. As it will be for another 15 minutes or so I move on elsewhere.

Brothers Grimmer @ Inferno 6 OctBrothers Grimmer joined Chinners and I in the studio a couple of weeks back, and they are doing a double slot at The Inferno tonight. I’ve missed the opening act by the time I get here, and spend the interval talking with videographer Andrew Gale about how he started and now continues (from Bournemouth Ice Rink to the O2 Bristol with Surface Festival in just over a year).

The chaps start, Michael giving it his all with the dancing while the other four guys put it all about with the story telling in the songs. I’m starting to get to know the material now; Pandora’s Box is amazingly tricky in places, awkward chords and some cleverly out of time cross beats just to mix things up. Not all hard rock, yet with enough heavy undercurrent to appease those who love the genre, they have delightful variety and style.

What is also obvious (as it was through the interview) is that this is a band that really work hard together, play hard together, and also help each other out during setup and soundcheck etc. Three family by birth, two family by choice, this is Brothers Grimmer!

Maggoty Parties, Frequent Hooligans

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Lady Winwoods Maggot @ Thomas Tripp 5 OctTonight I start at Christchurch’s Soho, where friends of Ness’ are having a bit of a birthday shindig. After a few pizza slices and drinks, off home by way of the Thomas Tripp where Lady Winwoods Maggot are playing

I walk in as they’re finishing one, and stick around for Cupra Cabra, Chase The Cat and Bad Moon Rising; Ness drags me out as the strains of My Hometown are playing out. The crowd are rammed together in the not tiny pub, most jigging around and shouting along to the infectious tunes. The boys are on the radio show on 31 October.

Hooligan Choir @ Cellar Bar 5 OctOn to The Cellar Bar on this wet evening, where Hooligan Choir are finishing what has been a promising set. More good guitar riffs while bass and drums play beats and rhythms that force you to jump around to.

The Frequency @ Cellar Bar 5 OctThe Frequency are our headline band tonight in the Cellar Bar, kicking off merging Sticky Little Finger into Run With You. They don’t appear to be set back by their loss of bass player, if anything using dep Jim has given Aus, Dan and Phil a new impetus. Phil particularly is playing some tricksy yet still steady and solid beats, and on the breaks they’re all so tight, moving some awkward chord sequences all synchronised together with staccato syncopation. All great stuff, check out the review and videos over at Rock Regeneration.

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