LarderHouse Session posterThis is the third Larder House session organised by Artist Insight, although its the first time Hannah Robinson @ The Larder House 30 SepI’ve managed to get along. Hannah Robinson is our first act of the evening, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her playing, though she seems to be doing 2 or 3 gigs a week at the moment. Hannah’s voice is exemplary, her guitar playing subtle to not overpower the atmosphere here.

A short venue report. The Larder House is an eatery with full bar, narrow on the street, long out to the back. Tonight pretty much all the tables are full, apart from the one Yellowgroove and I are squeezed into right in the front windows. A hidden asset is the large back garden, containing a railed in firepit, very welcome on this cool autumn evening. Check out where The Larder House is on the venues map.

Katharine Rose @ The Larder House 30 SepMichael Ricketts, the man behind Artist Insight, has sent out far and wide for talent, to London for Katharine Rose our second artist tonight. As can be seen she’s accompanying herself on digital piano. Her voice is exquisitely sweet, with a slight lilt and rolling timbre to it; she has high range without ear piercing normally associated with these pitch of notes.

Joel Harries @ The Larder House 30 SepJoel Harries hails from Northampton, and has an absolutely unique voice, crooning in falsetto, while also singing in normal range. Joel was recommended to Michael by an artist at a previous Larder House session and one can hear why. The guitar work is very delicate, his fingers just brushing the strings to create a softly sustained harpsichord effect.

Yellowgroove @ The Larder House 30 SepYellowgroove have a residency here. Today hasn’t been a good day for them; their chip-shop-oil fuelled van broke down with a brake problem, Mark is absent, they’re having PA problems now (which has been perfect up to this point), and friends John, Con and I are forming a heckling section right in front of them. They’ve sort of decided to called themselves Tongue And Groove tonight, the comedy offshoot of Yellowgroove. Loving Man, Fading Out, Crow On Your Shoulder, SOAWM, Manimal and Witches Wood are their songs tonight; sounds different thanks to Chris being restrained to a cajon and occasional mandolin, while Ben and Simon are dueting acoustic guitars as normal with their unplugged sets (they’ve been in this guise on the radio show before). A short yet good set…

Jinder @ Chaplins 30 SeptThis means I can move along to Chaplins, where Jinder is doing a surprise set (was originally billed as someone else). He’s held back to a late start as the bar only contains me, however once he starts people begin drifting in from the garden. He’s doing some more laid back gentle stuff tonight, compared with some of his pacier material. He’s regaling us with stories, an anecdote about Robert Wyatt in a car park up North is insightful. Overall a chilled evening.