Bert Burnell Radio Rules band @ Inferno 29 SeptAfter an interesting and thought provoking evening with the lads from GodFirst Manthing, watching the awesome movie Touching The Void, I head on to the Inferno. A band I will refer to as the Bert Burnell Radio Rules band (BBRR band) are in full voice, reggae-ing up the weekend. Trying to be deliberately skiffle-ish with beer kegs, what looks like a zimmer frame and plastic tubs making up a kit of banging things, they want to be rubbish; some in this crowd love it, many look bemused as in what is going on here? Interesting electric string bass, ukelele, and guitars make for a conventional look, the outlandish clothes (Arthur Dent dressing gown, Mad Hatter hat) cross against this. One catchy song going down well could be subtitled Give Your Child A Rude Word For Christmas, it won’t be repeated here.

Kentucky Fight Club @ Inferno 29 SeptKFC, or Kentucky Fight Club to give them their full title, are on in full effect. Harry & Ski in matching frontman outfits, both prancing around to the nutty tunes they’re kicking out and making very merry with the songs and the crowd. Absolutely furiously fast, music to stand on benches and tables to get your thang on to, which some do in the bar. What I like best is that three unconventional instruments together (mandolin, bass and manic drums) can work so well together while still whooping up the joint. A few covers made their own way like Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night, Paradise City (dedicated to Boscombe) and a few other mixed up riffs in the original material (She Sells Sanctuary, Run To The Hills). All making for a great hoedown.

Admiral Shineysides @ Cellar Bar 29 SeptFinally to the Cellar Bar, where the full band line up of The Admiral Shineysides (albeit with stand in drummer) are ending their lengthy set playing some break beat blues. First time I’ve seen them in full effect; I can see why they’re a hit such that I’ve many good things about them, even if most is covers and tributes to Johnny Cash. They’re starting to write their own material; an encore tonight is one of these. Good stuff, and the party continues long into the night. Antonia Edgeley-Long is here; long time part of the Bournemouth music scene now in Cornwall, its great briefly catching up with her.