The Blues Machine @ Mr Kyps 22 SeptThe Blues Machine are fresh from a European tour in July & August (judging by the artwork on their signwritten van.) Now there’s a sign of a band wanting to be a stand out! This speaks of their set start, vocalist Dan calling the 50 or so crowd forward before strutting into a great rolling blues number, Barefoot Blues I think they called it. The Blues Machine stage tricks @ Mr Kyps 22 SeptAs expected from other bands I’ve seen him in, Ash is pulling some excellent tunes out; I’m struggling somewhat at the start to hear Dan’s clear lyrics over Connor’s solid drumming. Shame most of the set is covers, they have a great sound and pull out some good’n’dirty stuff that truly belongs in a smoky backstreet bar. Enjoyable blues, with a few stage tricks, and a Voodoo Child / Purple Haze medley to end. Overall disappointed that they were doing covers, yet pleased that they were well played.

Never The Bride @ Mr Kyps 22 SeptI remember Ian Peterson, he of the Livewire gig guide fame, telling me about Never The Bride a long time ago, and I never followed his advice until now. Never The Bride on first appearance are all that I like in a band, female lead vocals, intricate piano work, and steady drums bass and guitar. Less of the stage antics, concentrating solidly on producing an excellent sound, even while admitting to suffering from lack of tequila (The Blues Machine roadies drank it all)…

Lead Nikki takes a little time out to thank us for turning out at an original music gig, she’s adamant that these tribute bands are killing off original music. On that point, one stand out song is Tiger Bay, full of musical theatrics, and crowd participation. Its one of those anthems that builds and dies and builds again, very simple bass line holding things together as keyboards and guitar take turns at carrying accompaniment to the Been and Nikki’s voices. What isn’t noticeable until the very end of the gig (bit of a jam where tonight’s band of Fergus Gerrand, Murray Gould & David Levy are introduced) is that they’ve been on for a full two hours of greatness!

Dubheart @ Cellar Bar 22 SeptOn to the Cellar Bar, where a couple of parties are running for Harry’s birthday and Dave’s leaving do. Dubheart are still on stage long past midnight with a very extended set – all of the downstairs bar area is full with skankers, dancers and others who generally just don’t want the party to stop. What a good end to a great night of live music!