Krista Green @ Chaplins 18 SeptKrista is taking a full two set solo slot at Chaplins tonight, as part of Chaplins’ Tuesday night Acoustic sessions series. I’m late, due to being a bit of a knight to a damsel in distress (flat tyre, and no tools to change the wheel). Irrespective, I’m in time to hear the last couple of songs of Krista’s first set, clear voice, decent guitar chord work, and good syncopation and rhythm with it all

I’ve already mentioned her clear voice, it is very pure, no raucous shouting or bawling here tonight, though she can do it when she needs to, being a somewhat regualr busker on the circuit. Her songs are captivating, there is pretty much silence from the nearly full bar upstairs. Albums are available for £8 each for those that want to hear more than what’s on ReverbNation.