Sepia Daze @ cellar Bar 6 SeptPunk rock night tonight in the Cellar Bar. Sepia Daze are doing their best to blow our minds (and the PA) with their raucous guitar overdrive and manic drums. They’re not big on making a performance, all headbanging and floor gazing, but for those that love their loud rock they are a definitive article.

EF98 @ Cellar Bar 6 Sept I’ve not heard EscapeFrom 98 for a while thanks to my short hiatus, in the intervening time they’ve acquired a second guitarist. James is unable to be here tonight though so its the usual Lee, Lennon and Mandy I’m familiar with. Starting with a debut song they switch between staples such as Punk Rock Princess and a song I can’t mention – not radio friendly – and more new material, good all the same.

They are a real contrast to the band that’s gone before. Same energetic tunes and frantic guitar and drum work, however the entertainment and performance are superb. Messed words thanks to band and audience intervention, and Lee unsurprisingly comedic particularly in his crowd call outs.