Borboleta @ Cellar Bar 4 SepBorboleta (Portugese: Butterfly) are playing tonight. As I walk in Val Bass has started with solo acoustic guitar and sung, two guitarists and percussion join in while she reverts to just singing.

Its all major chords, which coupled with the bright sounding Takamine makes for a jubilant song set. Taking inspiration from books and stories, Caveman in particular being memorable for its foot tapping nature; people getting up and having a classy shimmy on the dancefloor.

I’d not believe I could grow tired of this, but I have, as having heard a few numbers, and the wonderful style, all songs have been very similar musically, good rhythm guitar yet playing the same rhythm, and the lead keeping a similar sound despite a full pedal board, the percussion trying to make things different though limited on djembe, single cymbal and tambourine.

Its great to listen to as providing a musical backdrop, which I do while sitting out with some mates and can still hear Borboleta’s sounds dreamily wafting from the stage.