Hardsparrow @ Solid Air 12 BirthdayHardsparrow is doing a wonderfully entertaining variety act when I walk in, acoustic guitar, poetry to backings from Conrad, little rehearsed songs that are funny thanks to the annotations, and totally together pieces showing off a variety of synth work, guitar and vocalistic talents.

Sonic Arkestra @ Solid Air 12 BirthdayThe Sonic Arkestra is always improvised and unrehearsed, with top notch artists from the scene mucking in to make music happen. The quality can vary as a result, tonight however we have Mark (King Razor DJ), Angus (Brave Mariner) and Ed (Mutant Vinyl) providing a root for Martin (Powdered Cows) and Tim (Vulgar Intent, original Arkestra drummer) to hang from. As a result it is entertaining and together from the start, amazing rhythms and a great jazz funk vibe. We have people dancing and getting down, Conrad throwing in his usual effects above it all. It morphs after a time into some really experimental noise generation, still while keeping a solid beat and rhythm, before ending in a triumphant cacophony.

Happy Twelve Year birthday, Solid Air you petulant tweenager you!