Larder House Session

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LarderHouse Session posterThis is the third Larder House session organised by Artist Insight, although its the first time Hannah Robinson @ The Larder House 30 SepI’ve managed to get along. Hannah Robinson is our first act of the evening, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her playing, though she seems to be doing 2 or 3 gigs a week at the moment. Hannah’s voice is exemplary, her guitar playing subtle to not overpower the atmosphere here.

A short venue report. The Larder House is an eatery with full bar, narrow on the street, long out to the back. Tonight pretty much all the tables are full, apart from the one Yellowgroove and I are squeezed into right in the front windows. A hidden asset is the large back garden, containing a railed in firepit, very welcome on this cool autumn evening. Check out where The Larder House is on the venues map.

Katharine Rose @ The Larder House 30 SepMichael Ricketts, the man behind Artist Insight, has sent out far and wide for talent, to London for Katharine Rose our second artist tonight. As can be seen she’s accompanying herself on digital piano. Her voice is exquisitely sweet, with a slight lilt and rolling timbre to it; she has high range without ear piercing normally associated with these pitch of notes.

Joel Harries @ The Larder House 30 SepJoel Harries hails from Northampton, and has an absolutely unique voice, crooning in falsetto, while also singing in normal range. Joel was recommended to Michael by an artist at a previous Larder House session and one can hear why. The guitar work is very delicate, his fingers just brushing the strings to create a softly sustained harpsichord effect.

Yellowgroove @ The Larder House 30 SepYellowgroove have a residency here. Today hasn’t been a good day for them; their chip-shop-oil fuelled van broke down with a brake problem, Mark is absent, they’re having PA problems now (which has been perfect up to this point), and friends John, Con and I are forming a heckling section right in front of them. They’ve sort of decided to called themselves Tongue And Groove tonight, the comedy offshoot of Yellowgroove. Loving Man, Fading Out, Crow On Your Shoulder, SOAWM, Manimal and Witches Wood are their songs tonight; sounds different thanks to Chris being restrained to a cajon and occasional mandolin, while Ben and Simon are dueting acoustic guitars as normal with their unplugged sets (they’ve been in this guise on the radio show before). A short yet good set…

Jinder @ Chaplins 30 SeptThis means I can move along to Chaplins, where Jinder is doing a surprise set (was originally billed as someone else). He’s held back to a late start as the bar only contains me, however once he starts people begin drifting in from the garden. He’s doing some more laid back gentle stuff tonight, compared with some of his pacier material. He’s regaling us with stories, an anecdote about Robert Wyatt in a car park up North is insightful. Overall a chilled evening.

Hoedown & Partytime

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Bert Burnell Radio Rules band @ Inferno 29 SeptAfter an interesting and thought provoking evening with the lads from GodFirst Manthing, watching the awesome movie Touching The Void, I head on to the Inferno. A band I will refer to as the Bert Burnell Radio Rules band (BBRR band) are in full voice, reggae-ing up the weekend. Trying to be deliberately skiffle-ish with beer kegs, what looks like a zimmer frame and plastic tubs making up a kit of banging things, they want to be rubbish; some in this crowd love it, many look bemused as in what is going on here? Interesting electric string bass, ukelele, and guitars make for a conventional look, the outlandish clothes (Arthur Dent dressing gown, Mad Hatter hat) cross against this. One catchy song going down well could be subtitled Give Your Child A Rude Word For Christmas, it won’t be repeated here.

Kentucky Fight Club @ Inferno 29 SeptKFC, or Kentucky Fight Club to give them their full title, are on in full effect. Harry & Ski in matching frontman outfits, both prancing around to the nutty tunes they’re kicking out and making very merry with the songs and the crowd. Absolutely furiously fast, music to stand on benches and tables to get your thang on to, which some do in the bar. What I like best is that three unconventional instruments together (mandolin, bass and manic drums) can work so well together while still whooping up the joint. A few covers made their own way like Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night, Paradise City (dedicated to Boscombe) and a few other mixed up riffs in the original material (She Sells Sanctuary, Run To The Hills). All making for a great hoedown.

Admiral Shineysides @ Cellar Bar 29 SeptFinally to the Cellar Bar, where the full band line up of The Admiral Shineysides (albeit with stand in drummer) are ending their lengthy set playing some break beat blues. First time I’ve seen them in full effect; I can see why they’re a hit such that I’ve many good things about them, even if most is covers and tributes to Johnny Cash. They’re starting to write their own material; an encore tonight is one of these. Good stuff, and the party continues long into the night. Antonia Edgeley-Long is here; long time part of the Bournemouth music scene now in Cornwall, its great briefly catching up with her.

Brothers Grimmer Show & O’Neills

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Brothers Grimmer @ HopeFM 26 SeptThe Brothers Grimmer lads join Chinners and I in the studio tonight; leaving manager and promoter Mumma Grimmer behind they run a competition, play live and take us through some of their CD material, as well as giving an insight into Grimmer family life. We have a real blast together and a good old chinwag on air.  They are playing all over the place, thanks to Mumma Grimmer’s tireless efforts to break them out of Bournemouth and into a National scene.

Off air we talk even more and exchange some really funny stories and anecdotes. There’s a couple of phone calls and online bits; like many on the music scene they are genuine and down to earth, while still having great aspirations and producing great music.

Tim Somerfield @ O Neills 26 SeptOn to O’Neills this week for an afterwards with Chinners. Tim Somerfield is playing a set of mainly original material. We had lots of talk about Tim on the show, and all the good work he’s putting in at The Inferno since Brothers Grimmer like playing there a lot. This is just another of Tim’s 100 gigs this year (he’s well on target to reaching that goal, being one of the hardest working muso’s and promoters on our circuit).

Tom Clements @ O'Neills 26 SeptTom Clements takes a second set for the evening, and decides to mainly play covers, only throwing in a couple of his own songs. U2’s The Real Thing gains Chinners approval, which is rare praise indeed from the ultimate greatest U2 fan.

Big thanks to all for their efforts, give one sleep-filled nights thanks to all the activity 🙂

Never The Bride & Other Saturday Night Music

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The Blues Machine @ Mr Kyps 22 SeptThe Blues Machine are fresh from a European tour in July & August (judging by the artwork on their signwritten van.) Now there’s a sign of a band wanting to be a stand out! This speaks of their set start, vocalist Dan calling the 50 or so crowd forward before strutting into a great rolling blues number, Barefoot Blues I think they called it. The Blues Machine stage tricks @ Mr Kyps 22 SeptAs expected from other bands I’ve seen him in, Ash is pulling some excellent tunes out; I’m struggling somewhat at the start to hear Dan’s clear lyrics over Connor’s solid drumming. Shame most of the set is covers, they have a great sound and pull out some good’n’dirty stuff that truly belongs in a smoky backstreet bar. Enjoyable blues, with a few stage tricks, and a Voodoo Child / Purple Haze medley to end. Overall disappointed that they were doing covers, yet pleased that they were well played.

Never The Bride @ Mr Kyps 22 SeptI remember Ian Peterson, he of the Livewire gig guide fame, telling me about Never The Bride a long time ago, and I never followed his advice until now. Never The Bride on first appearance are all that I like in a band, female lead vocals, intricate piano work, and steady drums bass and guitar. Less of the stage antics, concentrating solidly on producing an excellent sound, even while admitting to suffering from lack of tequila (The Blues Machine roadies drank it all)…

Lead Nikki takes a little time out to thank us for turning out at an original music gig, she’s adamant that these tribute bands are killing off original music. On that point, one stand out song is Tiger Bay, full of musical theatrics, and crowd participation. Its one of those anthems that builds and dies and builds again, very simple bass line holding things together as keyboards and guitar take turns at carrying accompaniment to the Been and Nikki’s voices. What isn’t noticeable until the very end of the gig (bit of a jam where tonight’s band of Fergus Gerrand, Murray Gould & David Levy are introduced) is that they’ve been on for a full two hours of greatness!

Dubheart @ Cellar Bar 22 SeptOn to the Cellar Bar, where a couple of parties are running for Harry’s birthday and Dave’s leaving do. Dubheart are still on stage long past midnight with a very extended set – all of the downstairs bar area is full with skankers, dancers and others who generally just don’t want the party to stop. What a good end to a great night of live music!

Show, On The Rocks & tour home

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Palms & Pelicans @ HopeFM 19 SeptPalms And Pelicans gave us a good talking with tonight, formerly appearing as Herbarley in 2010, now reformed with different drummer and playing some good acoustic live music, and a couple of good things on their Soundcloud. They haven’t lost any of the verve they had, if anything their attitude has matured along with their stages in life, university has helped expand their music interests even further, and there is a new style to the songs as a result.

Since Chinners from Rock Regeneration is here as regular co-presenter, there are the usual Rock Regeneration videos of Palms And Pelicans live acoustic performances of Cut The Sky, Walls and Unbelievable

Greenest Day @ on The Rocks 19 SeptThen to On The Rocks where Greenest Day are playing a deliberate Green Day covers and glam night, much to this audience’s appreciation, shouting, chanting, arm waving all being orchestrated by the band. It possibly helps with the knowledge that Greenest Day are an alter-ego of Bad Magic’s back line, who wanted to tribute Green Day and found vocalist Tom Calvert to suit. The slight let down is the wayward pitch at certain slower quieter moments, the opening for St Jimmys is a little let down, possibly due to not being able to hear the foldback. Whatever, its all mad, packed and noisily jumping thanks to Tom’s encouragement. Rock Regeneration vids: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Minority

Louise Wade @ O'Neills 19 SeptGoing home via O’Neills, where I’ve missed Snow Wolf (Jemma & Annie) among others, yet catch Louise Wade finishing off the evening. She has a clean voice with a rich resonance, and gets a decent enough sound from the Crafter guitar. She’s perfectly accompanied by a very simple tambourine thanks to King Leo. Not quite as pumped an atmosphere here, yet everyone is listening and applauding, probably all the better for that! Pleasant to hear, and definitely a crowd winner.

As ever for a Wednesday, finish off at the Open Mic in Chaplins, as this is turning into an event of decently moderate quality, and is very entertaining.

Krista Green

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Krista Green @ Chaplins 18 SeptKrista is taking a full two set solo slot at Chaplins tonight, as part of Chaplins’ Tuesday night Acoustic sessions series. I’m late, due to being a bit of a knight to a damsel in distress (flat tyre, and no tools to change the wheel). Irrespective, I’m in time to hear the last couple of songs of Krista’s first set, clear voice, decent guitar chord work, and good syncopation and rhythm with it all

I’ve already mentioned her clear voice, it is very pure, no raucous shouting or bawling here tonight, though she can do it when she needs to, being a somewhat regualr busker on the circuit. Her songs are captivating, there is pretty much silence from the nearly full bar upstairs. Albums are available for £8 each for those that want to hear more than what’s on ReverbNation.

Powdered Cows CD Launch

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Powdered Cows @ Cellar Bar 17 SeptMartin from Powdered Cows joined us in the studio last week for a plug of this gig, and his new album. He’s been on for about 20 minutes by the time I arrive after swimming, and the usual array of electronica is around him, as I’ve tried to capture in the shots. He’s accomplished as a guitarist, hardly surprising considering his musical abilities, yet its amazing to hear yet another set of instruments being shown off by this versatile fellow.

Casini Division @ Cellar Bar 17 SeptAn acquired taste, Casini Division, which they seem to accept themselves judging by their on-stage announcements. Loads of effects on the electric guitars, with a synth slowly beating behind the vocals, creating a mix of some dreamy trance tunes and heavier riff work. It goes down well with those who are here, especially as they keep this trance-rock style while breaking into poetic shouted chant over each other as a finale.

During the gig I was introduced to a pleasant chap with a not so nice sobriquet (Radio Rules), who played as The Schemers before I arrived. Apparently worth catching, despite the name. Another time…

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