FionaFiona Fox @ Chaplins, 1 May is performing a number of covers with a few originals in Chaplins Bar tonight, to separate groups of half a dozen people. Its funny how different audiences respond, there’s probably been perhaps 30 people through the bar while she’s been on, most staying for a few songs. Throughout this tough gig Fiona draws in those she has, working with them to make an evening of it.

By far the most entertaining through singing along and dancing are some later members, who really make Fiona pull out some stops to keep them entertained and start then keep a vibe going. Shows she’s able to work with whatever people she has, even if only in handfuls at a time! To break this, one of the rather merry ones is sent to the garden, and pulls in pretty much the whole bar to enjoy some classics together (The Joker, American Pie, Brown Eyed Girl etc)