Ladies Night

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Annie Winter with band @ Chaplins, 15 MayAnnie Winter is playing Chaplins tonight, accompanied by Andy (percussion) and Zak (guitar, associate in from White Collar Boxing). As I’m my usual late getting out its near her set end; Annie invites Jemma to join them for an encore rendition of Monkey Man. Again Annie’s voice is striking, blended with the others in this impromptu band (she’s normally with Andy on full kit in her band) makes for a great sound, Jemma takes a strong lead and tries to get lively things going in the audience, with some small success.

Krista Green @ Chaplins, 15 MayKrista Green starts with a fave of mine from her recent material, Cherry Pie. Going by the rapturous applause as she ends its not only my favourite. Krista then starts with opener Move Along In My Own Time from her current album Moments With The Universe. Between these two songs alone there is quite a of contrast in vocal and playing styles, chirpy dropped vowels style with percussive guitar, to smoothed out long words and slow stroked chords to suit. Newer song More To Life Than This is more guitar based, however the vocals as ever with Krista are clear and well pronounced, no hesitation picking out the witticisms here. After a similarly glorious set, she finishes with her delightful oldie now entitled What A Shame What A Shame. Great.

Oxjam Bournemouth 2012 Launch Day

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Oxjam Bournemouth 2012 launch day flyer

Piper @ John's 40th bday CeileighToday is a big day for all fans of live music in the Bournemouth & Poole area – the launch day of Oxjam Bournemouth 2012.  And I’m away at a family live-band-run Ceileigh in Oxfordshire (Happy Birthday John) – piper included!  We leave to get back at a reasonable time, means there is long enough left of the night for me to reach Chaplins & the Cellar Bar to join most of final act Kentucky Fight Club’s set.

KFC @ Oxjam Launch, Cellar Bar 12 MayThey are a three piece tonight; I later learn that this is going to be KFC‘s normal mode for a while, drums, bass and mandolin only.  Even so the jumping on stage is enticing, the stomping on the ground encouraging, and the music’s good too, with KFC own-brand covers mixed in with their original material, all making a great end to what has been a fantastic day.

Show & Chaplins Party

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Radio Boscombe with Olly the work experience guy @ HopeFM studio, 2 MayHad a fun show with a shakily starting Radio Boscombe and Olly (HopeFM’s latest work experience student who elected to stick around for LiveWire Live). The shaky start was thanks to Radio Boscombe‘s special guest not being able to make it due to illness, and one third being away, the other being en route as usual, leaving Gary to perform on his own, which he does admirably. Laura joins us later as usual and entertains with her usual life stories, this time she also includes a guitar and plays and sings a couple of her own songs, a good surprise!

Alex Cope with "Bongo" Mike @ Chaplins, 2 MayOn to Chaplins, where we’re full upstairs with one very raucous birthday party (happy birthday Sophie), while a wake continues elsewhere in the garden and balcony, with hot air balloons and all. Alex is being the Admiral tonight, Elliot the Shineyside being snowed up with Uni work. Mike joins Alex on bongos to make a small ensemble.

Paul Kelly @ Chaplins, 2 MayPaul Kelly is on next, with a digital piano that is set up in seconds, amp and all. He starts with a dedication to the memory of Levon Helm (of The Band fame), take a Load Off Annie, he has a really active jazz/ honky tonk style, working really weel on the decent keyboard. Paul slickly slips between numbers and sections, with a few interlude stories intertwined around why he’s playing the songs he’s chosen.

Neil follows with pretty standard guitar chords, yet a pretty good voice. Always gonna be hard to impress me following a decent keyboard player, like Neil has to now. He’s playing a mixture of ballads and up tempo numbers, and is a real crooner for the former.

Xander Allen & friends @ Chaplins, 2 MayXander Allen is up next, with a little combo of Selby, Dave and Julian They’re doing some rap and beat poetry, medleyed with various dance anthems that get everyone singing a long.

Tina @ Chaplins, 2 MayTina is my final vocalist before I leave, I miss the name of her guitarist, he’s some dude playing wicked Jazz guitar, while Tina belts out some Amy Winehouse, Marvin Gaye, and Duffy numbers.

Fiona Fox

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FionaFiona Fox @ Chaplins, 1 May is performing a number of covers with a few originals in Chaplins Bar tonight, to separate groups of half a dozen people. Its funny how different audiences respond, there’s probably been perhaps 30 people through the bar while she’s been on, most staying for a few songs. Throughout this tough gig Fiona draws in those she has, working with them to make an evening of it.

By far the most entertaining through singing along and dancing are some later members, who really make Fiona pull out some stops to keep them entertained and start then keep a vibe going. Shows she’s able to work with whatever people she has, even if only in handfuls at a time! To break this, one of the rather merry ones is sent to the garden, and pulls in pretty much the whole bar to enjoy some classics together (The Joker, American Pie, Brown Eyed Girl etc)