As my GodFirst small group meeting has been in Christchurch town centre, and it coincides with Annie Winter‘s open mic in the Thomas Tripp, I take the opportunity to drop in (Mrs H joins me). I normally never know the Tripp crowd what with having a focus on music in Bournemouth, so I’m surprised to find Graham Basic Blues Jones doing something different to his norm, perhaps as Ash (Blues Machine, Fish Out Of Water) is accompanying him.

Shaun Palmer @ Chaplins Bar, 24 AprilOn to Chaplins, again unusual as I normally don’t bother having been anywhere and everywhere on a normal Tuesday. Irrespective, I’ve missed Jemma Davies‘ set, and instead get to hear the delightful tunes that Shaun Gary Palmer produces from his guitar and voice. Mixing covers and own penned material, all the songs are fairly lively and jolly along, even if some of the lyrics don’t reflect that humour! A nice change to be out on a Tuesday.