The General Public @ HopeFM studio, 21 MarchAfter a long wait The General Public are able to join me in the studio, the delay has been caused by a booking in October being pushed back as the band were recording new material then. The new material is still being recorded and produced thanks to difficulties unfortunately typical to the recording process, however expect six high quality tracks very soon.

Irrespective, its a good time for them to join me, they are in the middle of performing perhaps the best they’ve ever done as part of the Dorset Music Awards, and its my first show for a couple of months as I’ve been on a Wednesday night training course with GodFirstThe General Public generously opt to do a full studio set, rather than a cut back acoustic session, that means small drum kit, bass and amp, acoustic guitar, and (huge) keyboard.

As hoped and expected, we have a great time together; that amount of gear they bring in means we don’t really start the interview segment of the show until the second hour, even so the time flies by. We have 3 live songs, and a couple of recordings. I was privileged to be given the first radio play of their debut EP Seppa Visions, now I’ve been given an exclusive sole early production cut of Your Boring from the aforementioned studio sessions. All interspersed with a lot of interview and chat about their music, music in general, and the song writing reflections on society. There’s also a diversion about face dancing, after one of my comments about Mike’s facial antics during performances. I have a great time, and they say they have too, good stuff.

Fiona Fox & Claire Beeston @ Chaplins, 21 MarchAfter this, and a bit of work tidying up (for example 2 months out and the CD’s are a mess) I head over to Chaplins Open Mic, where Graham Basic Blues Jones is performing some material, followed by Chris Brockman playing some fun covers. Next we have Fiona Fox, making a return to music after nearly a year’s absence. She’s playing a whole bunch of covers, the first ones well rehearsed, however her popularity ensures she’s kept playing and so the songs become ever more random, and some of them fall apart. This could be a disaster for anyone else; Fiona‘s stage presence blows all of that away and turns the evening into a performance to really enjoy.

Fiona‘s out with friend Claire Beeston tonight, and invites Claire to join her for one tune, before Fiona herself is enticed to sing some of her material. This is reluctantly delivered, as she thinks these are old songs, a shame as they are still good, and really show off her voice, still good after a year off.