A strange afternoon & evening, started by a funeral and wake. I eventually get to the Searchers gig in Wimborne with radio friend Geneen, they are in their usual fine form, with their audience all being up for a good time.

Bird Jaguar @ Cellar Bar 20 JanAfter dropping Geneen off head over to the Cellar Bar where Bird Jaguar are doing their blues rock thing. The music is great, all four of them sing on occasion, they tell us they are piloting a new song Lightning tonight, bit of 6/8 ballad, which seems to annoy some of their regulars who are just up for big loud and frantic tunes. Being a little slower it gives greater chance for musicianship to shine through, always a good thing. Overall, many of their tunes are of this decent slower nature, which makes me wonder why there is the call for some more up tempo music.  Its good stuff.