Gangaloya @ Rubber SoulI walk in towards the end of Gangaloya‘s set. They’ve been billed as Indie Psychedelic Rock, it sounds more like Psych-trance-grunge to me. They are thinner on the ground than normal tonight, reduced to a 4 piece from the usual 5 piece by the absence of their female singer, which could account for the grungy nature. They have perhaps one of the smallest bass guitars I’ve seen (excepting the silly looking but amazing sounding ukelele basses around). The lead guitarist is also producing some good key-synth-esque sounds from his effects unit – good stuff.

Traffic Cone Wizard @ Rubber SoulTraffic Cone Wizard close this night off (I find out later that Austyn Brown (The Frequency) did a solo opening acoustic set). Full 5 piece Traffic Cone Wizard are enthusiastic, they have some clever keys making a progressive sound, though they comment themselves that they’re lacking in rehearsal time so aren’t as tight as they’d like; perhaps that’s more because of the beer talking. They’re clearly not happy with the way they’re playing, which is a real shame, they got some good music backing their lyrics and the vocalist has a good voice. Its the first time I’ve seen them and am enjoying what they’re giving, even if it isn’t their best, which shows there’s clearly something going on here. One to watch perhaps, either imploding apart or exploding arenas real soon now.