Zuby @ Winchester 14 DecAfter a quiet radio show with Conrad from Solid Air I pop over to the Winchester for the Commercial Underground 2 album launch party by Zuby. The first Commercial Underground album was a mainstay of the show when it first started, as Zuby was one of the first guests Iveren, the first presenter on LiveWire Live.

His music is not what I would normally associate with rap or hip-hop, his MC’ing is crystal clear, socio-political in nature, and has a great story to tell. He makes some interesting comments on fame and being famous. I didn’t realise that Steppin’ 2 Me, his first single, was written 5 years ago, pretty much as he made that first appearance on HopeFM.

He is very engaging during the performance, much of the crowd are core fans from 5 years ago, who are taking part in all the songs, shouting along as encouraged by Zuby. For some songs he invites fellow rapper ShaoDow to do some combatin’ together, its all a lot of hard fun. What strikes me after the gig is he’s hanging around, signing CD’s etc, fans want photos with him, many of them taken by his publicist – acting totally unlike the stereotype of rappers / hip-hop etc.  Its all good.