November’s Solid Air Show then Open Mic


Its the turn of Connie from Solid Air to be my co-host on the show tonight; we had Paul Tucker entertaining us with stories old and new, and playing songs from some of his former bands. Between Paul and Conrad there isn’t much that’s happened in the music scene in the area that hasn’t escaped their attention; makes for a very interconnected view of the circuit, since they can link all the various muso’s together with the assorted bands they had, are or have been in.

On to Chaplins for the regular open mic, and a couple of new artists I’ve not seen before, but need to see again – Fawnamarine (Jacqueline Hanna) does a quiet couple of songs; she normally plays acoustic bass, and yet is a multi-instrumentalist – samples are on Soundcloud (check out Movin’ On). Linford Dunston takes the mic after Jacqueline and amazes with his presence.  Alisha does some covers showing off a very sweet voice, then, unusually for an Open Mic, a full band set themselves up.

Milk Machine @ Chaplins 9 Nov — with (l-r) Flemming Fiol, The Crowman, Hawkeye Houlihan, Thomas Taff Morse and Andy Jack Ratt.The Milk Machine (Hawkeye Houlihan & friends) have decided to do a rare UK set – they normally only play in Denmark. Its very Irish in nature, a blend of country punk folk and all good fun and lively. Their version of Another Brick In The Wall is very surprising; totally unguessable by the intro that is given to it. They also look so serious while performing so humorously. Next up Kraftwerk’s The Model, totally originally covered as is The Doors’ (People are) Strange. What I like is one of the chaps just starts, and the others immediately know what’s being played – no flaff. They announce “a waltz” and all immediately launch into yes, a slow waltz version of Anarchy In The UK, full harmonies and everything! What a great night.

Bar Extreme Acoustic Night

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Bar Extreme logoBar Xtreme is a new bar for me, and I like it. Narrowly slotted into the top end of Old Christchurch Road, with weird and wonderful levels going on due to the hill. It also helps that the drinks are reasonable, and they’re experimenting by offering complimentary chilli, which is a real lip zinger! Snow boarding video screens adorn the walls, my only drawback is the dark musician corner – the crapberry just can’t get a shot in the poor light. Totally Live have been running an acoustic night here for a few weeks now; this is the first time I’ve wandered over…

I’ve missed Steve Perry‘s (Disco’s Out (Murders In)) solo set (to be honest, I didn’t know who was on); he was throwing in a few of the DO(MI) numbers solo, and will be doing the same this Thursday in O’Neills.

I have arrived in time to hear Mischa performing an “out there” set – namely material he wouldn’t normally come out and play. He slips in a couple of familiar numbers for Kat the cellist in his new band, who’s come along hoping to hear some numbers before having to play them! Always enjoyable, simply as Mischa always puts on a decent show with his performance.

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