I’ve seen Vida perform perhaps the most of all the bands I’ve seen this year, they gain 6 blog entries, and also played a (not blogged) garden party for me in the summer. I was pleased to finally obtain them for a radio show after a few attempts. They arrive at the studio before me; I’m searching for them when I hear their voices down a corridor. They’ve set up in a stairwell to rehearse one of the new tunes they’ve included in their repertoire for Christmas, and sound so amazing in that reverberating area I want to move the studio to them.

Instead at the allotted time we troop in to the padded box, and so begins another of my most enjoyable interviews ever. It says a lot for our local scene that many of the guests I have on the show are memorable – Pete Christie, Voodoo Vegas, Big Face Reggae to limit it to just three. Lots of interesting chat, loads of laughter, and 5 amazing acoustic renditions in the Vida way of strong cover songs. They suggest that their name might soon be changing to VidaSoul, so keep an eye out. Great stuff.