Miss Interpreted has already been on by the time I walk in, and Veetacore are just starting, in very unplugged mode – Dan (percussion) has left it behind so its over to James (bass), Becky (vocals) and Tom (guitar). They’re very laid back, starting with the song I played on last week’s radio show, The Battle Of Dogger Bank. I’m unfamiliar with the rest of the material, there are slow ones and pacier ones all of which work for the most part.

Becky has a very clean voice, albeit she admits to struggling tonight after a couple of heavy singing sessions over the weekend. The acoustic nature also seems to be unusual for them, they say they’ve made changes to the songs; there are a few hesitant notes before they settle into some tunes. Tom also harmonises on occasion, providing a decent counterpoint. Glad to have finally seen them.

Jemma and Annie are in Snow Wolf guise tonight. Jemma starts with a solo number, on guitar and voice before passing the guitar to Annie while she leads the duet they follow with. They continue to swap about lead vocal and guitar, I’m impressed and pleased that the between song banter is kept clean this time (for the most part – there’s a couple of slips). There’s a bit of uncertainty over their endings where they choose to hum, and don’t quite seem to know when to stop šŸ™‚ That’s the only detraction for me from a pretty fun and beautifully sung set.