Yellowgroove @ Smokin Aces 18 NovThis is Yellowgroove‘s debut at Smokin’ Aces – it’s to be followed up with their second gig here, next week. They start the second set with Hero Wanted – I’ve missed the first set due to being late. They also perform Wheels of Fire, which was acoustically debuted on the show they came on, on Wednesday. Its good hearing the full-on version on stage, even with the cut back sound that’s needed here.

Yellowgroove window of sound @ Smokin Aces 18 NovHaving said that, its not as cut back as bands normally include here – they don’t have any small amps, so they’ve stacked everything up in the window – this gives them even less room on the small stage than normal, not that one would notice, they’re still moving about as normal, its just a few paces, rather than strutting across the whole stage as they would normally do….

Their progressive song Avalon starts more laid back, yet still aggressive and passionate, just ‘cos they can’t move a lot doesn’t mean they’re not still putting everything into the performance. As the progressive nature takes hold, Avalon is seriously moving on. Surprisingly they don’t do an encore; I was seriously hoping for a repeat of personal fave Son Of A Working Man (which they started with tonight, looking at the set list). The lads tell me since new drummer Chris has joined, they’ve extended it (something I’ve wanted for a while with this great yet short song) with a drum section. Oh well, another time :).

Trev's Yellowgroove Birthday Cake @ Smokin' Aces 18 NovI then spend some time hanging about enjoying the Smokin’ Aces vibe, DJ Jevon playing some cool tunes, all part of Trevor Hill‘s (Dorset Music Awards, Devils Music) birthday celebration – Yellowgroove have even made him a ‘Y’ shaped cake…a brilliant touch capping a brilliant night out.