Many places seem to be focussing more on halloween parties (with DJs) than live gigs tonight. One place that isn’t is Mr Kyps, who have Metallica tribute band Mentallica on tonight, with Silent Prophecy supporting.
I’m only here as I volunteered to help out with the lighting, I don’t think the music would particularly be my cup of tea.

Silent Prophecy @Mr Kyps (Thanks to Silent Prophecy for photo permission)Having said that I wouldn’t generally like the style, Silent Prophecy do a good job of producing loud thrashing rock, albeit they have a technical problem with the 2nd guitarist such that he only makes it on stage for the head banging sessions. While I don’t know the material, what they’re doing is good, female lead vocalist Theresa is animated, and Tony (guitar) and Miles (bass) are soloing enough, clearly trying to make up for Ollie, their missing 5th man. I find it hard music to listen to, since I can’t pick up many cues for pace changes, slightly important when trying to think ahead for the next lighting scene; I don’t think I do a decent enough job as a result (well, I’d only given myself 10 mins before doors open to explore the system), sorry guys, and thanks for letting me use the photo…

Mentallica @ Mr Kyps Sat 29 OctMentallica come on all bells and whistles, as with Silent Prophecy they’re good at their stuff, posturing, rock stances, lightning fast fret work and solid rhythms. They’re making the most of the crowd, garnering their support and encouraging them to join in with the oys and heys, hand banging stuff galore. Its a shame I don’t know any Metallica material, I can’t give a flavour of how close, as a tribute act, they approximate the original sound and flavour.

My relief on the lighting desk has arrived, so I can spend more time appreciating what Mentallica do, rather than focussing on looking for cues; there’s so much going on with their sound, and the crowd are up for a head banging mosh party. I also get a coffee – there something a little surreal about catching mosh rock sitting with a cuppa! And its good enough for me to want to stay beyond my normal 3 song limit 🙂

Freefall Collective @ Perv Circus, Winchester sat 29 OctOn to the Winchester, where Perv Circus is in full swing. Its a club / DJ night yet is featuring the rarely heard in Bournemouth band Freefall Collective. These guys are all over youtube since they held residence on the Arcadia stage at Glastonbury 2009 & 2010: they only tend to play huge festivals – yet here they are in their home town playing a local gig.

…And they are absolutely awesome. It helps that the Winchester is full of plenty of partygoers all up for a good time, so the crowd are frenzied as the band take the stage. Kristy‘s vocals are amazing, with MC Jon providing many visual entertainments. As its halloween the lads have all gone for the Live & Let Die voodoo face paint job, all black and white making striking contrasts in the lights. Beats from a DJ with synths, drums, rhythms from a dual percussion section, occasional guitar, and those MC and vocal shouts and wails. All amazing stuff, I’m chuffed to be able to witness it.

Since they’re on from 1am, they finish sometime into 2, and the party continues on after. I leave after a time jumping around, to hook up with the remnants of the Chaplins & Cellar Bar Fright Night party. There’s something strangely releasing when hidden behind a mask such that people don’t recognise you – all good for a laugh. I get back at a very confused 4am – forgot about the clock shift, so its now 3am !?! What a night!