Hope FM show logoTonight was a reminder about what a privilege it is to do the radio show. My good friend David Lambert has been on every year we’ve been full time so far, each time in a different guise. For his 2011 LiveWire Live appearance he has brought the wonderful Sue Pugh with him; they perform as a duo, and are starting to get back into the gig scene after illnesses and stuff.

David Lambert & Sue Pugh @ HopeFMSue has been involved with folk music for a number of years – she ran a couple of folk clubs for a time here in town, and is a former a capella singer. She still writes songs in that style, and there more than a few comic moments as David interjects humourous comments about her song writing.

Between them they have what seems to be 30 songs prepared; they wanted to be sure they didn’t run out of material. There are a range of styles from the songs in the set, mellow and soulful, uptempo and lively, country and city influences, and trains too. Both David and Sue are also wonderful conversationalists, makes it easy for me to interview them, makes the evening go very quickly.  Afterwards head off to the Chaplins Open Mic, for Bex Grant, Andy Stock and Elliot Bradley. Si Genaro is also on the list, but I take my leave for an early(ish) night…