Just a quick note, apologies to subscribers and regular readers…

I took a week away in the middle of August, and then got rather busy doing other things and not writing the gigs I’d been to, even though they were all on my phone. 

Now rectified, though in the process I’ve changed my own (unwritten) rules – I’m trying to write less about each band, following comments that reviews were too lengthy.  Means I won’t be focussing so much on writing up a gig for those who weren’t there.

I’m also cutting back on writing up open mic nights – I still go to them, however I see too many artists at them to keep up with it all, and the photos (which are poor anyway from the crapberry) really don’t work well in the typical lighting conditions found at open mics.

Of course, these rules are still “unwritten” meaning I can change them at any time… 😉

Peace out…Tim.