As ever, I arrive too late to see Coke Can Jack – its become a running non-joke that I always arrive once they’re off stage.

The General Public @ Cellar Bar 29 SepInstead I just get the fun stuff of  The General Public. Many will have seen these guys, perhaps for the first time, at 2011’s Grooves On The Green, where its fair to say they pretty much smashed that gig.

They’re being a little bit edgy tonight, experimenting by making up the set as they go along. The bass is thumping, the drums are crashing, keys are mashing and the vocals and rhythms are spot on.

Get It On has become a fave, simply as I play it a lot on the show. as they play it here, it full of a funk driven bass riff, while the harmonies are together and well balanced, good for a live sound.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that they didn’t smash tonight, however the crowd is a little small to say this has been one of their best gigs for ever. It is one of their entertaining performances though, I’m pleased to have been here for it.