Language, Timothy! kit 2 @ Houshka 6 SepLanguage, Timothy! kit 1 @ Houshka 6 SepLanguage, Timothy! let me know about this, the 9th Houshka, since they are curating and opening this interesting acoustic night. They have created their own soundtrack to the film Le Ballon Rouge and perform it live, all 20 minutes worth or so.

There have been lots of studies on emotion and feeling as created by film scores, so having an alternative, that also fits so well is unusual and special. As expected with Language, Timothy! there is the normal array of now rare and exotic electronic instruments, coupled with xylophone and sampling sequencer, a few of which are captured in the snaps.

SUSBUS @ Houshka 6 SepS.U.S.B.U.S (Southern Ukelele Store Bournemouth Ukelele Social) make an acoustic ensemble of 6 ukeleles, playing well known songs (Bad Moon Rising, Daisy, Delilah etc) and creating a lot of fun in the process. There are forty of them or so that meet in the Portman Boscombe on the last Tuesday of the month, this is a select few of that number.

The Spectral Mirror @ Houshka 6 SepThe Spectral Mirror close this varied night. As our compere puts it, it’s been the most number of intruments ever (thanks to Language, Timothy!’s array) and the most ever number of musicians (thanks to S.U.S.B.U.S ). Spectral Mirror are electric guitar and old school Rhodes organ/keyboard, playing with a video backdrop of the first half of Koyaanisqatsi (Unbalanced World) – wide angle shots of monument valley, empty endless landscapes (and the like) – to create a rather atmospheric tone, lots of space in the music, a contrast to that which has gone before.