Chinese DancersA Saturday night with a bit of a difference – a fundraiser organised by Cranleigh Chapel on behalf of HopeFM, with a Chinese theme.

A three course meal is served followed by some chinese themed entertainment – music and dance. There a a number of HopeFM listeners here, plus some presenters, and members of the chapel community.

More DancersWe also have the inevitable auction with an assortment of high value awards that have been donated.

Pheonix arts troupe from Southampton are providing a range of entertainment for us, interspersed in the interludes between courses, and afterwards before, during and after the auction. The music and dance is a nice touch, courtesy of the Chinese church in Southampton.

 Peepah MusicianThere are Peepah (the unique stringed instruments that are plucked and can also be fast-picked).

Also featured are chinese violins, and an assortment of different styles of traditional dance.

Finally the leader of the troupe Sings us a beautiful Chinese song, translated as The Road To Heaven.

Dancers againAll very different from what I normally get to on a Saturday night, and all the more special as a result.