Add a descriptionNot an obscure reference to the wording of the blog, but a quiet evening at Solid Air’s Forbidden Planet, with this arcane and experimental duo. Thee Chairman and Mrs P have an ornate and varied range of mainly electronic instruments, rarities from the 80’s, and they use these in incredibly creative ways to provide entertainment, interspersed with samples taken from all sorts of sources – Mary Poppins, government safety warnings, Willy Wonka and other esoterica.

What I like about them is just the very seriousness of their performance, while fielding the most wild and weird musical creations. Sometimes accompanied by guitar, some times sung (good voices), more often tone poem like, the lyrics always tell a story, and are important to catch.

I’m heavily biased of course – these guys were one of the first to be introduced to me and the show by Conrad, and they’ve become good friends since, even though they’ve not been gigging for a while. They did a little turn at my birthday garden party, and had written some dedicated songs about it and me for that set. Included then, as now, is What I Sing, very catchy – A minor, C, G minor, D 🙂  This is available on their only album, Spring Corner, which is worth catching a copy of if you can.