Si Crockett Cellar BarAnother Friday night, another Cellar Bar gig. I’ve heard Si Crockett play lots recently, in his Big Face or Small Face Reggae guise, so its quite rare at the moment to see him solo acoustic, as he is tonight. His playing is more of an excuse to exercise his wonderful voice, with guitar accompaniment, the whole package is good as a result. He also announces his departure to pastures new, as he’s off doing the backpacking thing at the end of the summer.

Cella Creeps Cellar BarOn to Cella Creeps, a gig that has been misbilled a few times as Cellar Creeps or Mutual (not Mutant) Vinyl – obviously caught a mood as Ed announces themselves as Fearne 🙂 . Strong bass beats, good lead riffs and solid drumming mark the music, the whole being a very atmospheric emo-like sound. For a more complete description, see my previous posts on their Dorset Music Awards 2011 appearances. Suffice to say this gig features new material, reworked old material, and original material, all fantastic to enjoy.

They get up to their usual artistic antics. After playing personal fave Ride Beat (Mark dedicates it to me) Ed announces he feels “disconnected” and sits on the floor of the bar to play the next instrumental. All very chilled and mellow – until that is they divert into a funk jam, just because they were asked to at another gig, and it kind of worked then. It works now, too.