Harpin-On HopeFM StudioI saw Harpin-On a few weeks back, they happened to be with me when the cancellation call came from the band that were supposed to be on the show this week. Since they’d already agreed a rehearsal that night it was relatively easy for them to rearrange.

What wasn’t so easy was to shoehorn them into the studio, amps drums and all. They managed to fit however, and the sound going out sounded pretty alright to my ears – the proof is in how it sounds on the CD though…
They provide some interesting chat, do the three Dave’s and Gary, as well as playing some great music. Groovy Baby can be heard on their website.

Riverside Blues Band O'NeillsOn to O’Neills where the Riverside Blues Band are doing their thing. What I like (apart from the lively rolling blues (funny that, a blues band doing the blues)) is the way front man Stan just gets on with it. “We’re the Riverside Blues Band, and we’re gonna play for you tonight”. Then straight in to track after track of steaming music. Few vocals, lots of riff, loads of blues harp – all really enjoyable, thanks to TL Recordings live.